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    cget is a robust streaming parallel download manager with a filesystem cache and a simple API.

    These docs are relevant to the new version under construction on Github, not yet published on NPM.


    • Promise-based API, returns HTTP headers and a Node.js stream with contents.
    • Filesystem cache mirrors remote hosts and their directory structure.
      • Easy to bypass cget and look at cached files.
    • Stores headers in separate .header.json files.
    • Caches HTTP errors to avoid repeating failing requests.
    • Limits concurrent downloads automatically using cwait.
    • Follows and caches redirect headers.
    • Built on top of request.
    • Optionally allow streaming from file:// URLs, bypassing the cache.
    • Add arbitrary files in the cache with any URI (URL or URN) as the key.
    • Written in TypeScript.

    cget is perfect for downloading and caching various schema files, and is used in cxsd


    Cached downloads

    var Cache = require('cget').Cache;
    // Store files in "cache" subdirectory next to this script.
    var basePath = require('path').join(__dirname, 'cache');
    // Initialize the download cache.
    var cache = new Cache(basePath, {
      // Allow up to 2 parallel downloads.
      concurrency: 2
    // Download a web page and print some info.
    cache.fetch('').then(function(result) {
      console.log('Remote address:   ' + result.address.url);
      console.log('Local cache path: ' + result.address.path);
      console.log('HTTP status code: ' + result.status + ' ' + result.message);

    Running it the first time prints and saves the downloaded file and its headers including any redirects in local files, for example:

    • cache/
    • cache/<COUNTRY>/<NONCE>
    • cache/<COUNTRY>/<NONCE>.header.json

    The second time it prints the exact same output, but without needing a network connection.

    Caching arbitrary files

    The store method supports caching a string with any URI (URL or URN) as the key:

    var cache = new (require('cget').Cache)();
'urn:x-inspire:specification:gmlas:GeographicalNames:3.0', 'Some data');
'', 'More data');


    The MIT License

    Copyright (c) 2015-2016 BusFaster Ltd


    npm i @wikipathways/cget

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