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    Rafscroll is a small library to scroll windows and DOM elements by using a browser’s native requestAnimationFrame, ensuring optimal scrolling without impacting site performance. Rafscroll can operate on both the x and y axis with various easing functions.

    Demo here

    Get Started

    Note: This readme assumes you are using a build tool like webpack

    First install from NPM or yarn:

    npm install @wearebraid/rafscroll
    - or -
    yarn add @wearebraid/rafscroll

    Then import/require the library in your front end code:

    // main.js
    import rafscroll from '@wearebraid/rafscroll'

    Rafscroll exports a function. Calling this function creates a new instance of rafscroll.

    let scroller = rafscroll(element, {...options})

    The returned object can then have it's X or Y axis animated by calling scrollTop() or/and scrollLeft(). The return value of either of these is a Promise that resolves when the scroll animation is complete. For convenience rafscroll also uses some intelligent defaults — the window is the default element, and the the default easing is quadratic.

    A full example:

    import rafscroll from '@wearebraid/rafscroll'
    // Scroll 100px down the page after 1 second.
    setTimeout(async () => {
        await rafscroll().scrollTop(100)
        alert('Finished scrolling')
    }, 1000)


    Available options to pass as a second argument to rafscroll:

    Option Values Default
    duration any Number in milliseconds 500
    easing 'quadratic', 'linear', or a custom Function 'quadratic'

    Custom easing functions receive an object containing 4 properties:

    {current, duration, posDelta, posStart}

    They should return a numeric value representing the current position. For example the linear easing function already included in rafscroll is:

    function ({current, duration, posDelta, posStart}) {
        return (current / duration) * posDelta + posStart


    Rafscroll is written and maintained by Braid LLC, and offered freely under an MIT license.

    Braid LLC


    npm i @wearebraid/rafscroll

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