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    Helps people who only use the keyboard to jump to what matters most

    The population grows very fast nowadays and with that the number of visually impaired increases as well. Did you know that we have over 350 million visually impaired people in the world?

    However, we are responsible for doing our utmost to make our applications usable and accessible to everyone.

    "Skip to content" or "skip to a section" of your site is one of the most common accessibility techniques today, but not as used as it should be.

    This pattern is detailed in the Techniques for WCAG 2.0 in notes G1 and G124, and also served as the inspiration for creating this component.

    Check out the live demo!


    // npm
    npm install -S @vue-a11y/skip-to
    // yarn
    yarn add @vue-a11y/skip-to


    Vue SFC

    // main.js
    import Vue from 'vue'
    import VueSkipTo from '@vue-a11y/skip-to'
    new Vue({
    // App.vue
      <div id="app">
        <VueSkipTo to="#main" label="Skip to main content" />
        <!-- header, navigation, and more -->
        <main id="main">
          <!-- content -->
    export default {
      name: 'app'
      components: {

    Skip-to list

    To use multiple links, set an array into the to prop with the following shape:

        "anchor": "<STRING>", // destination id
        "label": "<STRING>" // link text
    // App.vue
      <div id="app">
          list-label="Skip to"
            { anchor: '#main', label: 'Main content' },
            { anchor: '#footer', label: 'Footer' },
        <!-- header, navigation, and more -->
        <main id="main"></div>
        <footer id="footer"></div>

    In HTML files

    <!--omitted -->
      <script src="https://unpkg.com/vue"></script> 
      <script src="https://unpkg.com/@vue-a11y/skip-to"></script> 
      <div id="app">
        <vue-skip-to to="#main"></vue-skip-to>
        <!-- header, navigation, and more -->
        <main id="main">
          <!-- content -->
        new Vue({
          el: "#app"


    Prop Data Type required Description Default
    to String | Array false Destination ID or array of destination objects '#main'
    label String false Skip link text content 'Skip to main content'
    list-label String false Skip link list label text 'Skip to'

    Support route change

    @vue-a11y/skip-to checks if you are using the vue-router, watches changes to $route.path and send focus to the vue-skip-to wrapper.

    Recommendation: To make more sense, use the VueSkipTo component right after the root element of your app.

    Read more about accessible routing:

    Custom styling

    Override the default styles by targeting the following:

    .vue-skip-to {
    .vue-skip-to__link {
    .vue-skip-to__nav {
    .vue-skip-to__nav-list {
    .vue-skip-to__nav-list-item {

    Running tests

    git clone https://github.com/vue-a11y/vue-skip-to.git
    npm install
    npm run dev
    npm run test:e2e

    Or run Cypress on interactive mode

    npm run test:e2e:open


    This component was inspired by this article.

    • This component working in all modern browsers and IE9;
    • Ensures that the target element receives focus, even if it is not a tag that naturally receives focus as the tag input and a. In this case, the div are also given the focus and the tabindex attribute with the value of -1;
    • Add focus to the destination, even when the address bar already has the corresponding hash;


    • From typos in documentation to coding new features;
    • Check the open issues or open a new issue to start a discussion around your feature idea or the bug you found;
    • Fork repository, make changes and send a pull request;

    Follow us on Twitter @vue_a11y

    Thank you


    npm i @vue-a11y/skip-to

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