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AdonisJs Compression 🗜

This repo contains a provider for a middleware that compresses HTTP responses with GZip.

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Intended use case — read me first

This middleware was originally created to compress verbose JSONAPI responses. If you are considering this middleware for compressing static assets in production, please consider using nginx or lighttpd instead. These servers are vastly superior to Node.js in performance for serving static assets.


Install the provider from npm:

adonis install @verdigris/adonis-compression

Next make sure to read the file.

Node/OS Target

This repo/branch is intended to run on all major OS platforms and targets Node.js >= 8.0


Please read to learn about the contribution guidelines before contributing to this codebase.

Run the following command to see list of available npm scripts:

npm run

Tests & linting

  1. Unlike majority of AdonisJs codebase, this repository follows official corporate Verdigris Technologies ECMAScript 6 styleguide. Run npm run lint command to check if there are any linting errors.
  2. Make sure you write tests for all changes/bug fixes.
  3. Also you can write regression tests, which shows that something is failing but doesn't breaks the build. Which is actually a nice way to show that something fails. Regression tests are written using test.failing() method.
  4. Make sure all tests are passing on CircleCI.

General practices

Most of the ES6 language features are officially supported on Node.js v8. Please make use of the ES6 language features. For example:

  1. Use Spread syntax over arguments keyword in functions.
  2. Never use bind or call. After calling these methods, AdonisJs cannot guarantee the scope of any methods.
  3. Make sure to write proper docblock.


This software is distributed AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY under Simplified BSD license.

Verdigris Technologies Inc. assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES for usage of this software. See the file for detailed legal information.

Copyright © 2019 Verdigris Technologies Inc. All rights reserved.


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