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    Pie Chart

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    An interactive pie chart for representing categorical data.

    Quick start

    import Pie from '@vasturiano/pie-chart';


    const Pie = require('@vasturiano/pie-chart');

    or even

    <script src="//"></script>


    const myChart = Pie();

    API reference

    Method Description Default
    data([array]) Getter/setter for the pie chart data, as an array of series objects, each representing a pie slice. []
    width([number]) Getter/setter for the chart width in px. <window width>
    height([number]) Getter/setter for the chart height in px. <window height>
    label([string or fn]) Getter/setter for a series object label accessor, used to display labels on the slices and their tooltips. name
    size([string or fn]) Getter/setter for a series object size accessor, used to compute the angular length of the slices. value
    color([string or fn]) Getter/setter for a series object color accessor, used to color the slices. () => 'grey'
    sort([fn]) Getter/setter for the compare method used to sort the series. A value of null (default) maintains the existing order found in the input data structure. This method receives two arguments representing two series objects and expects a numeric return value (-1, 0 or 1) indicating the order. For example, to order slices by size, use: (a, b) => b.size - a.size. <existing order>
    showLabels([boolean]) Getter/setter for whether to show labels in the slices. Regardless of this setting, labels too large to fit within a slice's boundaries are automatically hidden. true
    tooltipContent([fn]) Getter/setter for a series object tooltip content accessor function. Use this to specify extra content in each of the slice's tooltips in addition to the series name that's included by default. <value (%)>
    onClick([fn]) Callback function for click events. Includes the series object as single argument.
    onHover([fn]) Callback function for mouse hover events. Includes the series object (or null if hovering outside the pie area) as single argument.


    npm i @vasturiano/pie-chart

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