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    tru.ID SDK for Web Applications

    SDK for tru.ID that provides a helper function for requesting the check_url for PhoneCheck and SubscriberCheck.

    With the default config the SDK will call our public device coverage API and try to determine if the device is using a mobile IP.

    In case the device IP belongs to a MNO we don't support it will throw an error with the message tru.ID:sdk-web MNO not supported

    In case the device IP is not from a mobile network it will throw an error with the message tru.ID:sdk-web Not a mobile IP, in this case the user might be using the wifi with a broadband connection.

    If you want to ignore this check you can pass { checkDeviceCoverage: false } in the config and proceed regardless.


    Via jsDelivr CDN

    <script src=""></script>

    Via NPM

    $ npm install @tru_id/tru-sdk-web@canary


    Via jsDelivr CDN

    When installed via a CDN a tru.ID global is installed.

    <script src=""></script>
      tru.ID.openCheckUrl(url, config)

    Via NPM

    When installed via NPM the imported object exposes the openCheckUrl function.

    import truID from '@tru_id/tru-sdk-web'
    await truID.openCheckUrl(checkUrl, config)


    The openCheckUrl function takes an optional config Object argument:

    truID.openCheckUrl(url, config)

    The configuration options are:

      // whether debug information will be logged to the console.
      // Defaults to `false`
      debug: boolean,
      // "image" - a zero pixel image is dynamically added to the DOM for the check_url request
      // "window" - `` is called to open the check_url in a new window
      // Defaults to "image".
      checkMethod: "image" | "window",
      // If `checkMethod` was set to `window` identifies the number of
      // milliseconds after which the opened window will be closed.
      // Defaults to 3000.
      windowCloseTimeout: Number,
      // It will run the device coverage check to determine
      // if the device is on a mobile IP
      // Defaults to true
      checkDeviceCoverage: boolean


    Via jsDelivr CDN

      <form id="phone_check_form">
        <!-- Element to get the user's phone number -->
        <input type="tel" id="phone_number" required />
        <input type="submit" value="Check" />
      <script src=""></script>
        async phoneCheck(ev) {
            // POST to your own server
            // to create the PhoneCheck resource for the phone number
            const phoneCheckResource = await fetch('/your-server/phone-check', {
                method: 'POST'
                headers: {
                    'Content-Type': 'application/json'
                body: JSON.stringify({
                    phone_number: document.getElementById('phone_number')
            // use the tru.ID web SDK to navigate to the check_url
            try {
              await tru.ID.openCheckUrl(phoneCheckResource.check_url)
            } catch (e) {
              if (e.code === tru.ID.DeviceCoverageErrors.NotMobileIP) {
                // tell the user they should turn off the wifi
                // and use the mobile connection before proceeding
            .addEventListener('submit', phoneCheck)

    Via NPM

    $ npm install @tru_id/tru-sdk-web@canary
    import truID from '@tru_id/tru-sdk-web'
    async function handlePhoneCheckCreation(result) {
      const checkUrl = result.check_url
      await truID.openCheckUrl(checkUrl)

    Local development

    You can run yarn dev that will open rollup with watch mode that will re-compile the SDK after every change.

    In another terminal you can run yarn serve to open a test web page where you can test real phone checks if you have the node server running or you can simply check a PhoneCheck check_url.


    1. Bump the version if required
    2. Run yarn changelog to auto-update the and manually edit to finesse
    3. Commit the changes read for release: git commit -m 'chore(release): v{version}
    4. Tag the release git tag v{version}
    5. Push the tags git push --follow-tags origin main
    6. Publish to NPM yarn run publish-canary




    npm i @tru_id/tru-sdk-web

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