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    npm install @texada/date-picker


    import DateTimeField from "@texada/date-picker";
    import "@texada/date-picker/dist/styles.min.css";
    render() {
      return <DateTimeField />;

    See Examples for more details.



    Name Type Default Description
    dateTime string moment().format('x') Represents the inital dateTime, this string is then parsed by moment.js
    format string "x" Defines the format moment.js should use to parse and output the date to onChange
    inputFormat string "MM/DD/YY h:mm A" Defines the way the date is represented in the HTML input. It must be a format understanable by moment.js
    onChange function x => console.log(x) Callback trigger when the date changes. x is the new datetime value.
    showToday boolean true Highlights today's date
    size string "md" Changes the size of the date picker input field. Sizes: "sm", "md", "lg"
    daysOfWeekDisabled array of integer [] Disables clicking on some days. Goes from 0 (Sunday) to 6 (Saturday).
    viewMode string or number 'days' The default view to display when the picker is shown. ('years', 'months', 'days')
    inputProps object undefined Defines additional attributes for the input element of the component.
    minDate moment undefined The earliest date allowed for entry in the calendar view.
    maxDate moment undefined The latest date allowed for entry in the calendar view.
    mode string undefined Allows to selectively display only the time picker ('time') or the date picker ('date')
    defaultText string {dateTime} Sets the initial value. Could be an empty string, or helper text.
    zIndex number 4000 Defines the z-index of the modal overlay
    disabled boolean false Disables the date picker
    hasError boolean false Makes input box red
    label string undefined Label for input
    shouldValidate boolean false Makes input box red and shows error message when input is invalid
    required boolean false Displays a red "*"" on the label
    hasError boolean false Makes input box red
    id string (auto-generated) The id for the date input


    npm i @texada/date-picker

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