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    The indefatigable TELUS digital delivery platform assistant.

    • Clone and deploy reference architecture starter kits
    • Onboard users into OpenShift & HashiCorp Vault
    • Create squads & assign tech leads & members
    • Create projects & assign them to squads
    • Toggle between environments & projects
    • Edit Vault secrets & policies
    • Bonanza of memes & laffs

    Get it

    npm install -g @telus/shippy-cli

    Run it

    Please make sure you are not running any application on port 3000 during shippy login, as the OAuth app will consume the port 3000 behind the scene


    shippy help

    Initialize development environment tooling

    shippy init

    Search reference architecture documentation

    shippy howdoi <feature>


    shippy login

    Set environment and project

    shippy environment sandbox
    shippy project myproject
    shippy status
    # environment: sandbox
    # project: shippy

    Clone and deploy GitHub repos from starter kits

    shippy create repo my-repo-name
    shippy create pipeline my-repo-name
    shippy create webhook my-repo-name

    Change all the things!

    shippy <create/get/edit/delete> <resource>

    Use YAML

    shippy get user test.user > testuser.yaml
    shippy edit user test.user -f=testuser.yaml

    Create a New User (requires escalated privileges)

    shippy create user <name>

    Note: Expected convention is your long-form name separated by a period (ie. john.doe)

    Create a New Squad (requires escalated privileges)

    shippy create squad <squadname>

    Edit Existing Squad (requires escalated privileges)

    shippy edit squad <squadname>

    Create a New Project (requires escalated privileges)

    shippy environment <sandbox|main>
    shippy create project <project>

    Note: Expected convention is your project's domain name/URL (ie. would be foo, and would be bar-baz)

    Edit Existing Project (requires escalated privileges)

    _Note: follow the prompts to add or remove squads from the project

    shippy edit project <project>

    Create a starter-kit derived application

    shippy environment <sandbox|main>
    shippy project <myproject>
    shippy create repo <myproject>

    Note: You will be prompted with a list of starter-kits

    Deploy your application pipeline to Openshift

    shippy environment <sandbox|main>
    shippy project <myproject>
    shippy create pipeline <name>

    Create a webhook to fire from GitHub to Jenkins

    shippy environment <sandbox|main>
    shippy project <myproject>
    shippy create webhook <repository_name>

    Create a new secret in Vault

    shippy environment <sandbox|main>
    shippy project <myproject>
    shippy create secret <name>
    key: <name>
    value: <REDACTED>

    Note: You will be taken to your preferred editor to paste the value in

    Chill out

    shippy party

    Github: @telus • Twitter: @telusdigital


    npm i @telus/shippy-cli

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