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    Postman Documentation Tester (pdt)

    The postman documentation tester is simple tool to test your openapi or swagger docs to ensure your APIs do what you say they do.



    • Will work with both OpenAPI and Swagger docs
    • Able to push changes up to remote collection
    • Able to work with multiple collections and openapi/swagger files
    • Don't need to go searching for collection ids and environment ids, just use the names
    • Able to invoke newman directly from this script

    Installation & Usage

    npx @syngenta-digital/pdt --workspace-name "Some Workspace" --collection-name "Some Collection" --environment-name "some environment" --doc-path openapi.yml --api-key $POSTMAN_API_KEY --push --clean-up --run-newman --bail
    # or if you have a specific collection id already
    $ npx @syngenta-digital/pdt --collection-id  some-collection-id --doc-path test/mock/openapi.yml --api-key $POSTMAN_API_KEY --push -clean-up
    # or if you have the collection locally exported
    $ npx @syngenta-digital/pdt --collection-file test/mock/mock.postman_collection.json --doc-path test/mock/openapi.yml
    # then use postman cli tool (newman) to test your collection
    newman run "https://api.getpostman.com/collections/$POSTMAN_COLLECTION_ID?apikey=$POSTMAN_API_KEY" -e "https://api.getpostman.com/environments/$POSTMAN_ENVIRONMENT_ID?apikey=$POSTMAN_API_KEY"
    Flag Name Short Required Description
    workspace-name wn no The name of the workspace (case sensitive)
    environment-name en if run-newman provided The name of the environment (case sensitive)
    collection-name cn if workspace provided The name of collection (case sensitive)
    collection-id ci if no file provided The collection uid from Postman
    collection-file cf if no id provided File path to the collection json
    doc-path d yes File path to swagger or openapi doc
    api-key k if id provided Postman API Key
    push p no Push updated collection back to postman cloud
    clean-up c no Delete artifacts created during process; only works with push and collection id
    run-newman rn no Will run newman right after up applying tests
    bail b use with run newman Will fail if newman tests fail


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