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    The @switchbot/homebridge-switchbot-ble is a nodejs module , and also a homebridge plug-in that directly controls SwitchBot products via BLE.

    Now supports:


    Installing bluetooth libraries

    Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian
    sudo apt-get install bluetooth bluez libbluetooth-dev libudev-dev

    See the document of the @abandonware/noble for other operating systems details.

    Installing package

    sudo npm install -g @switchbot/homebridge-switchbot-ble

    You can also install it on the homebridge plugins page. homebridge-plugins-search


    Add this to your homebridge config.json file

    "platforms": [
            "platform": "SwitchBotPlatform",
            "name": "SwitchBotPlatform"

    If it work, add devices.

    "platforms": [
            "platform": "SwitchBotPlatform",
            "name": "SwitchBotPlatform",
            "devices": [
                    "type": "bot",
                    "name": "Bot 2c",
                    "bleMac": "d4:cc:43:97:ae:2c"
                    "type": "bot",
                    "name": "Bot 51",
                    "bleMac": "e7:4d:36:cf:9e:51",
                    "scanDuration": 2000
                    "type": "curtain",
                    "name": "Curtain 11",
                    "bleMac": "ec:58:c5:d0:01:11",
                    "scanDuration": 2000,
                    "reverseDir": false,
                    "moveTime": 2000
                    "type": "meter",
                    "name": "Meter 84",
                    "bleMac": "d0:d5:64:14:43:84",
                    "scanDuration": 5000,
                    "scanInterval": 60000

    Requird Settings

    • devices - SwitchBot devices list.
    • type - Device type. Currently supports bot, curtain and meter.
    • name - Device name.
    • bleMac - Device mac address. You can find it in App settings.

    Optional Settings

    • scanDuration - Scan timeout. BLE Central must first scan the advertising. Default is 1000(unit: ms). Longer time to ensure device discovery but slower response.
    • reverseDir - Set to true to exchange the "opened" and "closed" directions of Curtain after calibration. Default is false. So you can swap the directions without recalibration.
    • moveTime - Set the actual running time of Curtian, which is also the time to switch from running state to opened/closeed state in the Home APP. Default is 2000(unit: ms).
    • scanInterval - Scan interval. Currently indicates the cycle of updating the temperature and humidity value of Meter. Default is 60000(unit: ms).

    Please note that:

    1. The device name cannot be the same.
    2. Restart HomeBridge after updating the config file.
    3. The "opened" and "closed" directions of HomeKit are the same as those in Curtain and SwitchBot APP, but the percentage definitions are different. "Closed" is 0% in HomeKit but 100% in Curtain and APP.



    npm i @switchbot/homebridge-switchbot-ble

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