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BDD-style test framework for Reason/bucklescript

Attention - The NPM package has moved to @stroiman/respect. Remember to update both package.json AND bsconfig.json.

The source repo was moved from to

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This is an RSpec inspired test framework for ReasonML/OCaml/Bucklescript. The runner uses raw javascript code, so it will only run in node environments at the moment.

I base this on a lot of experience I gained from a similar project for F#, FSpec.

This project is still in a very early stage, so use at your own risk. Breaking changes occur from time to time.


  • The framework places tests in "examples", which are grouped in "example groups", just like mocha, jest, jasmine, etc.
  • Example groups and their examples are build using immutable data structures, allowing for metaprogramming to modify/generate the examples.
  • Support for testing async code.
  • The framework provides a context object that is unique to each individual test case, and provides a place where each test case can store state necessary for that case.
  • Each example or group can have metadata atteched that will be made available through the context object. This can be used modify what happens in the setup code.

Getting Started

Run npm install --save-dev @stroiman/respect and add @stroiman/respect to the bs-dev-dependencies in bsconfig.json.

For more info, see the full Documentation


  • "Finalize" DSL for building test suites.
  • Determine whether or not to allow mutation of TestContext. This worked well in F#/FSpec, but we don't have runtime type checking in Reason/Bucklescript.
  • Finalize assertion framework.
  • Nicer test output when running.
  • Nicer test output when assertions fail.
  • Internally, figure out how to report progresss.
  • More flexible runner, e.g. configurable location of test files
  • ✓ Handle async timeout to avoid hanging when async tests don't call back
  • Make timeout configurable through example metadata.
  • Support tear-down code

Although, I had learned from many mistakes when building FSpec, there are some problems that demand different solutions in Reason/Bucklescript. Async support in particular.


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