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    This PostGraphile plugin replaces database big int by hash ids

    By default all Bigint are replaced by HashId. You can avoid this behaviour for a column, input, function argument, ... using the tag doNotUseHashId


    comment on column foo.user_id is E'@doNotUseHashId\nThe user id type will be BigInt.';
    comment on function edit_foo is E'@doNotUseHashId userId\nOnly BigInt argument userId will not be transformed.';
    export default gql`
      extend type Foo {
        anotherUserId type will be BigInt.
        anotherUserId: BigInt!


    To install node dependencies:



    This command builds the library:

    yarn build


    This command runs the unit tests:

    yarn test

    Release process

    We are using semantic-release to publish the package on the NPM registry. Publishing can be triggered by "promoting" a successful build on master from Semaphore UI.

    The commit message summary should follow the following format: Tag: Message (fixes #1234)

    Where Tag is one of the following:

    • Fix - for a bug fix (patch).
    • Update - for a backwards-compatible enhancement (minor).
    • New - implemented a new feature (minor).
    • Breaking - for a backwards-incompatible enhancement (major).
    • Docs - changes to documentation only.
    • Build - changes to build process only.
    • Upgrade - for a dependency upgrade.

    Rules about Message

    • The message summary should be a one-sentence description of the change.
    • First letter of the message should be uppercase.
    • The issue number should be mentioned at the end.
      • The commit message should say "(fixes #1234)" at the end of the description if it closes out an existing issue (replace 1234 with the issue number).
      • If the commit doesn't completely fix the issue, then use (refs #1234) instead of (fixes #1234).

    Here are some good commit message summary examples:

    Build: Update Semaphore to only test Node 0.10 (refs #734)
    Fix: Semi rule incorrectly flagging extra semicolon (fixes #840)
    Upgrade: Express to 13.4.2, switch to using Express comment attachment (fixes #730)


    npm i @stratumn/postgraphile-plugin-hashid

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