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    A babel7 parser and plugin implementing the straits syntax.

    Note: the babel6 version is available on the babel6 branch or as straits-babel@babel6 on npm.


    npm install --save-dev @straits/babel-plugin


    The easiest way to get started, is by initializing a new project using npm init @straits.

    That will lead you through the creation of a new node project, with all the dev dependencies already in package.json and optionally setting up mocha and ESLint to use the straits syntax. You're left to run npm install to actually install the dev dependencies, and npm start to run a simple Hello World. npm run prepare (automatically executed both by npm install and npm publish) will transpile the straits syntax source code into regular JavaScript in the dist/ directory.

    If you want to manually configure babel to use the straits syntax, just use @straits as a babel plugin. For instance, after installing @babel/cli:

    npx babel --plugins='@straits' your_straits_file.js

    Straits syntax

    The straits syntax transpiles the use straits statement and .* expression. These ease the usage of traits, implemented as symbol properties (see the Iteration protocols for an example of symbol properties implemented as traits in the ECMAScript standard).

    The straits syntax offers several advantages over its alternatives:

    • it makes the code easier to write, read and understand,
    • it makes sure that the traits you access are offered by exactly one trait set you're using,
    • it doesn't pollute nor conflict with the normal scope variables.


    Let's see a minimal example:

    use traits * from Symbol;
    // is equivalent to...

    Let's look at a more complete one:

    const {TraitSet} = require('straits').utils;
    const traitSet1 = new TraitSet('duplicatedTrait', 'trait1');
    const traitSet2 = new TraitSet('duplicatedTrait', 'trait2');
    // an object we're going to assign traits to
    const object = {};
    // static error:
    //   .* used outside a `use traits` scope.
    //object.*trait1 = {};
    use traits * from traitSet1;
    use traits * from traitSet2;
    // the following variables won't be used.
    // they're here to show that variables won't interfere with traits
    const duplicatedTrait = {}, trait1 = {}, missingTrait = {};
    // the following line would throw an exception:
    //   No trait set is providing symbol missingTrait.
    //object.*missingTrait = {};
    // the following line would throw an exception:
    //   Symbol duplicatedTrait offered by multiple trait sets.
    //object.*duplicatedTrait = {};
    // the following lines are working as expected
    object.*trait1 = `a trait`;
    object.*trait2 = function() {
        console.log( `Greetings from ${this.*trait1}` );
    object.*trait2(); // prints `Greetings from a trait`


    npm i @straits/babel-plugin

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