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    NodeS7 is a library that allows communication to S7-200/300/400/1200/1500 PLCs using the Siemens S7Communication protocol over ISO-on-TCP (RFC1006) or MPI/PPI/DP USB Adapters.

    Niether the software nor the authors are affiliated with Siemens in any way. S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 and S7-1500 are trademarks of Siemens AG.

    This is a complete rewrite of and inspired on the awesome work of plcpeople/nodeS7.


    Fully test everything you do. The authors, contributors or anything or anybody related can be hold liable for injuries caused by the usage of this software. In situations where writing to a random area of memory within the PLC could cost you money, back up your data and test this really well. If this could injure someone or worse, consider other software.

    Usage Example

    const { S7Endpoint, S7ItemGroup } = require('nodes7');
    let plc = new S7Endpoint({ host: '', rack: 0, slot: 1 });
    plc.on('error', e => console.log('PLC Error!', e));
    plc.on('disconnect', () => console.log('PLC Disconnect'));
    plc.once('connect', async () => {
    	// check the documentation for all available functions
    	await plc.getTime(); //gets the PLC's current date/time
    	await plc.blockCount(); //gets a count of blocks from the PLC of each type
    	// you can use the S7ItemGroup to perform optimized read/write of variables
    	let itemGroup = new S7ItemGroup(plc);
    	let vars = {
    		TEST1: 'MR4', 			// Memory real at MD4
    		TEST2: 'M32.2', 		// Bit at M32.2
    		TEST3: 'M20.0', 		// Bit at M20.0
    		TEST4: 'DB1,REAL0.20',	// Array of 20 values in DB1
    		TEST5: 'DB1,REAL4',		// Single real value
    		TEST6: 'DB1,REAL8',		// Another single real value
    		TEST7: 'DB1,INT12.2'	// Two integer value array
    	itemGroup.setTranslationCB(tag => vars[tag]); //translates a tag name to its address
    	console.log(await itemGroup.readAllItems());
    	await plc.disconnect(); 	//clean disconnection


    Please check the API documentation, specially the S7Endpoint and S7ItemGroup sections


    npm i @st-one-io/nodes7

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