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    sitespeed.io plugin for GPSI (Google PageSpeed Insights)

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    Run GPSI as a plugin for sitespeed.io

    Run by giving --gpsi.key YOUR_GPSI_KEY to sitespeed.io.

    You can read more about sitespeed.io plugins here.

    Get your GSPI key from Google.

    Test with current master

    If you have checked out as the same level as sitespeed.io you run it like this (else just change the path).

    git clone https://github.com/sitespeedio/sitespeed.io.git
    cd sitespeed.io
    npm install
    bin/sitespeed.js --plugins.add ../plugin-gpsi/lib/ --gpsi.key YOUR_SECRET_KEY https://www.sitespeed.io/ -n 1

    Run in production

    If you want to run GPSI with your other sitespeed.io test, follow the instructions in the add a plugin docs.

    sitespeed.io version

    You need sitespeed.io 6.0 or later to run the plugin.

    How do I know it works?

    You will get an extra tab called GPSI on each individual URL that you test.

    GPSI vs Lighthouse

    GPSI runs Lighthouse in the backend. You can see which Lighthouse version in the HTML produced by the plugin. The plugin collects accessibility, seo, pwa, best-practices and performance scores.

    Data sent to Graphite/InfluxDB

    By default the plugin sends the GSPI score for the tested page for the five categories: accessibility, seo, pwa, best-practices and performance.

    It also sends the loadingExperience for the page. That includes the actual percentile for First Contentful Paint and First Input Delay and the percentage of fast/moderate/slow users.

    And it also sends a summary on domain level for the loading experience, meaning you can keep track of those metrics by running the plugin once a day.


    npm i @sitespeed.io/plugin-gpsi

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