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@siimple/css is a light, responsive and open source CSS toolkit for design flat and clean websites. It has been built in SASS/SCSS and provides a clean starting point for your web design.


Please read our migration guide to migrate from older versions to v4.


The @siimple/css package is available on npm, so you can run the following command to add it to your project:

$ npm install --save @siimple/css

This package is also available on a CDN, so you can import the compiled CSS files directly on your HTML page.


You can include the compiled styles in your HTML files:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./node_modules/@siimple/css/dist/siimple.min.css">

The source files are written in Sass, so you can import all the styles in your scss files:

@import "@siimple/css/index.scss";

Or import individual modules:

@import "@siimple/css/scss/elements/btn.scss";
@import "@siimple/css/scss/components/alert.scss";

Make sure that you have added your node_modules folder to your Sass include paths.


The documentation website is available at docs.siimple.xyz.


For questions and support, please use our community chat on Gitter. You can also follow @siimplecss on Twitter.

Bugs and new features

Found any bug? Have you a feature request? Please make sure to read our contributing guidelines and search for existing or similar issues. If your problem or idea is not addressed yet, please feel free to open a new issue!


We appreciate all contributions to the siimple project and help make it better! Please, read the contributing guidelines before starting your contribution.

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Have an awesome project or plugin related to siimple? Open a new issue and tell us! :)


Code and documentation of siimple © 2015-present Josemi Juanes. The code is released unde the MIT License and the documentation is released under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 License.


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