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Material theme for Shower Build Status

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Default theme for the Shower presentation engine. Doesn’t include engine itself. See it in action. Follow @shower_me for support and updates, file an issue if you have any.


Get the Shower template where Material is already included. Download the template archive or install the package:

npm install shower

If you want to install Material separately you can install the package:

npm install @shower/material


All theme’s features are demonstrated in the index.html file, see it live. Use it as a reference while building your presentation. See more detailed features overview.


Material theme supports any slide ratio you want. But it’s optimized for the most common ones: 16×9 and 4×3. It’s 16×9 by default, but you can change it by adjusting --slide-ratio property for .shower, see example in index.html.

Key color

By default Material theme is green, but you can easily change the key color by adjusting --color-key property for .shower. You can choose any color you want, just make sure that it’s dark enough for a good contrast. For example, in Material Color Tool good colors start at 500 column.


Ribbon could be exported to PDF by printing it from the list mode in Chrome or Opera browsers. See printing documentation for more options.


If you want to adjust theme for your needs:

  1. Fork this repository and clone it to your local machine.
  2. Install dependencies: npm install.
  3. Start a local server with watcher: npm start.
  4. Edit your files and see changes in the opened browser.

To take part in Material development please read contributing guidelines first and file an issue before sending any pull request.

Licensed under MIT License.


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