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SCION Workbench Application Platform

SCION Workbench Application Platform - API

SCION Workbench Application Platform is an extension of SCION Workbench to integrate content from multiple web applications in a coherent way, thus enabling a micro frontend architecture for allowing different front-end frameworks to co-exist and independent delivery.

The platform provides the mechanics for client-side web application integration. Any web application can be integrated. If the site does not interact with the platform, there is no need for adaptation. For a deeper integration, the platform provides a framework-agnostic guest API.

This package contains data transfer objects to pass data between the platform and the application.

The sources for this package are in SCION Workbench repo. Please file issues and pull requests against that repo.

License: EPL-2.0


npm i @scion/workbench-application-platform.api

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