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SCION Workbench

The SCION Workbench provides a workbench layout for Angular applications similar to the Eclipse Workbench for Eclipse RCP applications.

Workbench layouts are useful for applications with non-linear workflows where users want to flexibly view and edit content in parallel. Examples include specialized business applications, scientific or development tools, as well as command & control interfaces.

A workbench layout allows the user to arrange and resize parts of the application using drag and drop. The layout consists of a view area and can define border panes. In the view area, the user can view or edit content in views. A view has a handle which the user can grab to arrange views side by side in a grid or move views to other locations in the grid. Border panes provide the user with additional information or context-sensitive assistance.

The sources for this package are in SCION Workbench repo. Please file issues and pull requests against that repo.

License: EPL-2.0


npm i @scion/workbench

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