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    SaySimple SDK for JavaScript

    We’re Saysimple — the Messaging Platform Pioneer — and we’re on a mission to change customer service centers into commercial profit centers. We’re turning social messaging channels that are used for personal communication into powerful communication channels for any kind of business, providing conversational excellence with unrivaled ease.

    And this, is our SDK for JavaScript for you.


    For NPM

    npm i @saysimple/node-sdk

    For Yarn

    yarn add @saysimple/node-sdk


    API Documentation 📑

    The SDK is a one-on-one translation of the native REST API, which can be found here.
    You can get a more in-depth knowledge of the API and the possible parameters if you read the API documentation.

    Intelligence V1 👩🏻‍🔬


    const SaySimpleClient = require("@saysimple/node-sdk");
    const Intelligence = SaySimpleClient.Intelligence.V1("[API TOKEN]", "[SECRET KEY]");
    // Or:
    const Intelligence = SaySimpleClient.Intelligence.Latest("[API TOKEN]", "[SECRET KEY]");  

    If you omit a secret key, the SDK will assume you put a valid access token directly on the first parameter.


    Function Parameters
    addMessage See Add A Message in the API Docs
    getMessagesSummed See Total Messages Summed in the API Docs
    getActiveContactsSummed See Total Active Contacts in the API Docs
    getActiveContactsDistribution See Total Active Contacts Distribution in the API Docs
    getSendPaidTemplatesSummed See Total Paid Templates Sent in the API Docs
    getAgents See List all Agents in the API Docs
    getChannels See List all Channels in the API Docs
    getMessageDistribution See Message Distribution in the API Docs
    getConversationsResolved See Total Resolved Conversations in the API Docs
    getConversationsResolveTimesAverage See Get Conversations Resolve Times (Average) in the API Docs
    getConversationsResolveTimesMedian See Get Conversations Resolve Times (Median) in the API Docs
    resolveConversation See Resolve a Conversation in the API Docs
    getConversationsFirstReplyTimesAverage See Get Conversations Reply Times (Average) in the API Docs
    getConversationsFirstReplyTimesMedian See Get Conversations Reply Times (Median) in the API Docs
    getConversationsMessagesAverage See Average Messages per Conversation in the API Docs
    getConversationsTagsUsed See Conversations Tags Used in the API Docs
    getMessagesResponseTimesAverage See Response Times (Average) in the API Docs

    To get all messages summed you can run the following code

    const SaySimpleClient = require("@saysimple/node-sdk");
    const Intelligence = SaySimpleClient.Intelligence.V1("[API TOKEN]", "[SECRET KEY]");
    (async () => {
        const messagesSummed = await Intelligence.getMessagesSummed({
            agent: "agent@teddies.com"

    That's it! 🚀

    Messaging V1 💌

    Will be implemented as soon as possible.
    For now please refer to the API documentation.

    Showcasing 🎭

    We are really keen to know what you build with SaySimple, so please do let us know when your project is up-and-running!

    TypeScript support ⌨️

    This package exports type declarations, thus it can be used in TypeScript projects without requiring extra dependencies.

    Support 🧞

    We tried to make the API and SDK as easy as possible, but maybe we didn't succeed on every aspect of it. Please don't hesitate to contact us if something is not working or is unclear.

    You can reach us at: support@saysimple.nl.

    Raising an issue 🤕

    If you encounter a bug in this software we'd love to hear about it. So we can work on improving our SDK, and your developer experience.

    Please be sure you've searched for the same problem in the tickets opened already. Also, it would be helpful if you can provide as many details as possible. Like the versions of the SDK and Node.js and how your (environment) set up is.

    License 🕵🏽‍♀️

    This software is distributed under the Apache License 2.0 license. See LICENSE.txt.

    Copyright 2019 - 2021 Just Internet B.V. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.


    npm i @saysimple/node-sdk

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