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📝 Content Editor

Editing content without the use of the inspector is somewhat impossible. This small jQuery plugin allows you to edit content on your website easily.

  • Easy to install.
  • Less than 2.5kb minified.
  • Utilises the contenteditble attribute.
  • View demo site

🚨 Browser Support

Our plugin uses the contenteditble attribute. This appears to be widely supported across browsers according to Can I Use, however different browsers may struggle in some situations.

🔧 Install

  1. Download the jQuery Content Editor plugin through NPM or by downloading through our latest release.. Ensure to load jQuery before loading our plugin. We recommen the slim build of jQuery.

  2. Once installed, initialise the plugin before the closing </body> tag:

  $(function() {
  1. You're all set! Take a look at our available plugin options

🚀 Plugin Options

We have a range of useful plugin options that you can use to get started.

🔧 Issues

Submit a new relevant issue here: https://github.com/sts-ryan-holton/content-editor/issues/new?template=bug_report.md

⚠️ Please be sure to search open issues first.

Feature Requests

If you have a feature request, please submit one here: https://github.com/sts-ryan-holton/content-editor/issues/new?template=feature_request.md


This project is owned, maintained and developed by: https://github.com/sts-ryan-holton/

This is an open source project.


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