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    JSON-LD parser that implements the RDFJS Sink interface using jsonld.js.


    The package exports the parser as a class, so an instance must be created before it can be used. The .import method, as defined in the RDFJS specification, must be called to do the actual parsing. It expects a JSON string stream or a stream which emits a single object. The method will return a stream which emits the parsed quads.

    The constructor accepts an options object with the following optional keys:

    • baseIRI: Allows passing the base IRI manually to the jsonld.js library.
    • context: Allows passing a JSON-LD context manually to the jsonld.js library.
    • factory: Use an alternative RDFJS data factory. By default the reference implementation us used.

    It's also possible to pass options as second argument to the .import method. The options from the constructor and the .import method will be merged together.


    This example shows how to create a parser instance and how to feed it with a stream from a string. The parsed quads are written to the console.

    const ParserJsonld = require('@rdfjs/parser-jsonld')
    const Readable = require('stream').Readable
    const parserJsonld = new ParserJsonld()
    const input = new Readable({
      read: () => {
          "@context": "",
          "@type": "Person",
          "name": "Jane Doe",
          "jobTitle": "Professor",
          "telephone": "(425) 123-4567",
          "url": ""
    const output = parserJsonld.import(input)
    output.on('data', quad => {
      console.log(`${quad.subject.value} - ${quad.predicate.value} - ${quad.object.value}`)


    npm i @rdfjs/parser-jsonld

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