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    QualWeb HTML techniques

    Implementation of the WCAG 2.1 HTML techniques.

    How to use

    This is an internal module of QualWeb. To use it check either @qualweb/cli or @qualweb/core.

    Implemented techniques

    QualWeb Technique ID WCAG Technique ID WCAG Technique Name
    QW-HTML-T1 H24 Providing text alternatives for the area elements of image maps
    QW-HTML-T2 H39 Using caption elements to associate data table captions with data tables
    QW-HTML-T3 H71 Providing a description for groups of form controls using fieldset and legend elements
    QW-HTML-T4 H73 Using the summary attribute of the table element to give an overview of data tables
    QW-HTML-T5 H36 Using alt attributes on images used as submit buttons
    QW-HTML-T6 SCR20 Using both keyboard and other device-specific functions
    QW-HTML-T7 H28 Providing definitions for abbreviations by using the abbr element
    QW-HTML-T8 F30 Failure of Success Criterion 1.1.1 and 1.2.1 due to using text alternatives that are not alternatives
    QW-HTML-T9 G141 Organizing a page using headings
    QW-HTML-T10 H64 Using the title attribute of the frame and iframe elements
    QW-HTML-T11 H2 Combining adjacent image and text links for the same resource
    QW-HTML-T13 H25 Providing a title using the title element
    QW-HTML-T14 H35 Providing text alternatives on applet elements
    QW-HTML-T15 F46 Failure of Success Criterion 1.3.1 due to using th elements, caption elements, or non-empty summary attributes in layout tables
    QW-HTML-T16 F47 Failure of Success Criterion 2.2.2 due to using the blink element
    QW-HTML-T17 H43 Using id and headers attributes to associate data cells with header cells in data tables
    QW-HTML-T19 H59 Using the link element and navigation tools
    QW-HTML-T20 H88 Using HTML according to spec
    QW-HTML-T22 G140 Separating information and structure from presentation to enable different presentations
    QW-HTML-T23 G125 Providing links to navigate to related Web pages
    QW-HTML-T24 G88 Providing descriptive titles for Web pages
    QW-HTML-T25 G162 Positioning labels to maximize predictability of relationships
    QW-HTML-T26 F25 Failure of Success Criterion 2.4.2 due to the title of a Web page not identifying the contents
    QW-HTML-T27 G130 Providing descriptive headings
    QW-HTML-T28 H48 Using ol, ul and dl for lists or groups of links
    QW-HTML-T30 H51 Using table markup to present tabular information
    QW-HTML-T31 H45 Using longdesc
    QW-HTML-T32 H32 Providing submit buttons
    QW-HTML-T33 H33 Supplementing link text with the title attribute
    QW-HTML-T34 F89 Failure of Success Criteria 2.4.4, 2.4.9 and 4.1.2 due to not providing an accessible name for an image which is the only content in a link
    QW-HTML-T35 F52 Failure of Success Criterion 3.2.1 and 3.2.5 due to opening a new window as soon as a new page is loaded
    QW-HTML-T37 G123 Adding a link at the beginning of a block of repeated content to go to the end of the block
    QW-HTML-T38 G1 Adding a link at the top of each page that goes directly to the main content area
    QW-HTML-T39 H37 Accessible name on img and svg elements
    QW-HTML-T40 F55 Failure of Success Criteria 2.1.1, 2.4.7, and 3.2.1 due to using script to remove focus when focus is received
    QW-HTML-T41 H63 Using the scope attribute to associate header cells and data cells in data tables
    QW-HTML-T42 F59 Failure of Success Criterion 4.1.2 due to using script to make div or span a user interface control in HTML without providing a role for the control
    QW-HTML-T43 F88 Failure of Success Criterion 1.4.8 due to using text that is justified (aligned to both the left and the right margins)




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