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🔃 SortableList

This component renders a list of items which can be reordered by draggin and dropping and implements FLIP animation for adding/removing/reordering items in the list.

To make the component work you need two thing at least: setting the list prop and responding to on:reorder event.

Basic Example ( Open in REPL )

import SortableList from 'svelte-sortable-list';
let list = ["First Item", "Second Item", "Third Item"];
const sortList = ev => {list = ev.detail};

⤵️ Props and Slot

name type required default
list Array ✔️ ✖️
key String ✖️
slot Component <p>{key ? item[key] : item}</p>

The way this works is that you are required to pass a list prop to the component, which could be an array with anything inside, but if the array contains objects or arrays you must pass the key prop to specify what property is going to be used as key (needs to be unique to each object in the array).

You can customize what element is used as the list item passing any element as the child. If you do this you can access the item data by setting let:item on <SortableList> and {item} on your element ( you can also access the index in let:index).

⤴️ Events

The component handles all the internal functionality but since you are passing the list as a prop, it can't actually change the data you pass to it, so you need to respond to an event that gets triggered any time you sort items. This is done using the on:sort event handler, which gets passed an event object that contains the list inside the details property ( this is the default way of handling event data in svelte).

Complete Example ( Open in REPL )

import SortableList from 'svelte-sortable-list';
import Component from './Component.svelte';
let list = [
    {id: 1, name: 'First Item'},
    {id: 2, name: 'Second Item'},
    {id: 3, name: 'Third Item'}
const sortList = ev => {list = ev.detail};
    <Component {item} />


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