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Sticky Circle CI

Promise-first testing with no surprises.

If your test runs synchronously, just write it:

const sticky = require('sticky');
const test = sticky();
test(1, 'Department of redundancies department', assert => {
  assert.equal('tautology', 'tautology', 'Pass because it passes');

If it's async, just return a promise:

const sticky = require('sticky');
const test = sticky({timeout: 1000});
test(1, 'Off to the races', assert => new Promise(resolve =>
  setTimeout(() => {
    assert(true, 'One day sticky will output in tap format');
  }, 900)));
test(0, 'This test takes FOR EVVVVVVER', () => new Promise(resolve =>
  null));  // `resolve` never gets called so this test times out


→ Off to the races (1)
→ This test takes FOR EVVVVVVER (0)
1 tests failed :(
× This test takes FOR EVVVVVVER
  Test rejected with TestTimeout (Test timed out)
    at CustomError.Error (native)
    at new CustomError (/home/phil/code/sticky/errors.js:15:27)
    at null._onTimeout (/home/phil/code/sticky/run-one.js:45:25)
    at Timer.listOnTimeout (timers.js:89:15)
FAILED in 1.919s :(


sticky(options: object): func

Returns a test function that you can use to register tests to run.

options.timeout: number: How long to wait for an async test before failing it. Defaults to 100ms.

options.registerTimeout: number: How long to keep polling for new tests to be registered since the last test ran. You can call test asynchronously with sticky, no need to register them all in the first tick. However, if you need to start up a slow resource, you may need to increase this timeout. Defaults to 5ms.

test(plan: number, message: string, testFn: func)

Returned from sticky() (see above).

plan: The number of asserts your tests will call.

msg: A description of this test

testFn: a callback to run your actual tests. testFn is called with a single argument, assert. If you return a promise, sticky will wait for it to resolve or reject before moving on to the next test.


Provided as the only parameter to testFn callbacks (see above).

A proxied version of nodejs's builtin assert. The API is the same, except for, which only takes a single argument (the message to fail with).

Dev notes

Run sticky's own unit tests with npm test.




npm i @openride/sticky-test

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