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    [Under development] Visualizations is a collection of JavaScript modules to support D3 visualizations in web-based applications

    Getting Started

    Clone a copy of the main repo by running:

    git clone git://github.com/ohdsi/visualizations

    Point a local HTTP server to the root of the repository (IIS, Node Express, etc)

    Open a browser to the examples under the /examples folder.

    Developing and Debugging

    The examples are configured using RequireJS and reference CDN hosted libraries for D3, jQuery and others. To run the examples, just open one of the examples, set breakpoints and edit-reload to see changes.

    There are no development dependencies required for updating code, although npm is used to version and publish the package.

    Running the Optimizer and Publishing to NPM Registry

    Build Steps

    **Note: building this libary depends on node >= 15.0.0 and npm >= 7.4.0 **

    In order to minify/optimize the javascript libarry, you will need to perform an npm install:

    npm install

    The package.json file contans scripts to build the files. To run the build scripts, execute:

    npm run build

    This will build and minify the library. To files will be generated in dist: atlascharts.js and atlascharts.min.js. The min.js file is the concatinated libary that has been run throguh the google closure compiler.


    After new commits are added to master, and the libary is ready for a new version to be published to the NPM registry, the following commands will increment the version and publish to the NPM registry:

    npm version --no-git-tag-version [{verson number} | major | minor | patch] # use major or minor based on the type of change for this relase.
    npm publish --access public # this is a scoped package to @ohdsi and therefore must specify that this should publish public.

    Note the --no-git-tag-version indicates that the npm should not create a git tag. Tagging versions happens during release time out of github.

    Libary Contents


    The following plots are supported by the visualization library:

    • aster
    • line
    • boxplot
    • histogram
    • barchart
    • doughnut (piechart)
    • areachart
    • trellisline
    • treemap


    npm i @ohdsi/atlascharts

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