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    node-migrate state storage for MongoDB

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    This is a state storage implementation for the node-migrate framework. It will store your migation state in a MongoDB collection called migrations which contains a single document.

    In case you’re using node-migrate for migrating your MongoDB, it makes sense to keep the state within the database itself, instead of a separate file which is used by node-migrate per default.


    $ yarn add @nodepit/migrate-state-store-mongodb


    Either create a wrapper script such as run-migrations.ts which calls the migration API like so:

    import * as migrate from 'migrate';
    import { MongoStateStore } from '@nodepit/migrate-state-store-mongodb';
      stateStore: new MongoStateStore(MONGODB_HOST),
      // further configuration …
    }, (err, set) => {
      // your code …

    Per default, the migrations are stored in a collection called migrations. If you want to customize the collection name, instantiate the MongoStateStore with an object instead:

    new MongoStateStore({ uri: MONGODB_HOST, collectionName: 'custom-migrations-collection' });

    Alternatively, you can also pass the store on the migrate CLI using the --store flag. For that, create a a file which has as default export a configured subclass with a zero-arg constructor of the MongoStateStore. See here for details. You can then call migrate up --store=./my-store.js.


    Install NPM dependencies with yarn.

    To execute the tests, run the test task.

    For the best development experience, make sure that your editor supports ESLint and EditorConfig.

    Releasing to NPM

    Commit all changes and run the following:

    $ npm login
    $ npm version <update_type>
    $ npm publish --access public

    … where <update_type> is one of patch, minor, or major. This will update the package.json, and create a tagged Git commit with the version number.


    Pull requests are very welcome. Feel free to discuss bugs or new features by opening a new issue.

    Copyright, 2018 – 2020.


    npm i @nodepit/migrate-state-store-mongodb

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