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    Key-Value based secured storage engine for applications built with Expo, which can be also used as the storage for redux-persist.

    Given data is encrypted (AES256) and saved to application's sandbox with Expo's FileSystem and the encryption keys are stored in Expo's SecureStore.

    Main reason for creating this module is that Expo's SecureStore will have limitations starting from SDK 35:

    Size limit for a value is 2048 bytes. An attempt to store larger values may fail. Currently, we print a warning when the limit is reached, but we will throw an error starting from SDK 35.


    npm i @neverdull-agency/expo-unlimited-secure-store

    It has two peer dependencies mentioned above (SecureStore & FileSystem) which you will have to install manually to your project if you haven't did already:

    expo install expo-secure-store
    expo install expo-file-system


    For storing data securely

    If you have some data that you want to store securely and read/delete it any time later:

    import createSecureStore from '@neverdull-agency/expo-unlimited-secure-store';
    const secureStore = createSecureStore();
    // Saving Data
    secureStore.setItem(key, value).then(() => {
        console.log('saved successfully');
    // Retrieving Data
    secureStore.getItem(key).then((value) => {
        console.log('retrieved successfully');
        // Do what you need with the returned value
    // Deleting Data
    secureStore.removeItem(key).then(() => {
        console.log('removed successfully');

    As redux-persist storage

    If you are using redux, and redux-persist you can use this as the storage engine in the following way

    import createSecureStore from '@neverdull-agency/expo-unlimited-secure-store';
    import { createStore } from 'redux';
    import { persistStore, persistCombineReducers } from 'redux-persist';
    import reducers from './reducers';
    const storage = createSecureStore();
    const config = {
      key: 'root',
    const reducer = persistCombineReducers(config, reducers);
    const store = createStore(reducer);
    const persistor = persistStore(store);
    export { store, persistor };



    Function that will create the secure store with options, which can have four values: two for Expo's SecureStore and two for this module.

    You will only have to provide these options when creating the secure store, later if you want to save/get/remove data you will have to call the corresponding functions only.

    Options for SecureStore:

    • keychainService : string

    iOS: The item's service, equivalent to kSecAttrService

    Android: Equivalent of the public/private key pair Alias

    NOTE If the item is set with the keychainService option, it will be required to later fetch the value.

    • keychainAccessible : enum

    iOS only: Specifies when the stored entry is accessible, using iOS’s kSecAttrAccessible property. See Apple’s documentation on keychain item accessibility. The available options are:

    SecureStore.WHEN_UNLOCKED (default): The data in the keychain item can be accessed only while the device is unlocked by the user

    SecureStore.AFTER_FIRST_UNLOCK: The data in the keychain item cannot be accessed after a restart until the device has been unlocked once by the user. This may be useful if you need to access the item when the phone is locked.

    SecureStore.ALWAYS: The data in the keychain item can always be accessed regardless of whether the device is locked. This is the least secure option.

    SecureStore.WHEN_UNLOCKED_THIS_DEVICE_ONLY: Similar to WHEN_UNLOCKED, except the entry is not migrated to a new device when restoring from a backup.

    SecureStore.WHEN_PASSCODE_SET_THIS_DEVICE_ONLY: Similar to WHEN_UNLOCKED_THIS_DEVICE_ONLY, except the user must have set a passcode in order to store an entry. If the user removes their passcode, the entry will be deleted.

    SecureStore.AFTER_FIRST_UNLOCK_THIS_DEVICE_ONLY: Similar to AFTER_FIRST_UNLOCK, except the entry is not migrated to a new device when restoring from a backup.

    SecureStore.ALWAYS_THIS_DEVICE_ONLY: Similar to ALWAYS, except the entry is not migrated to a new device when restoring from a backup.

    Options for this module

    • replacementCharacter : string

    Keys for Expo's SecureStore only support [A-Za-z0-9.-_], so all other characters will be replaced with this provided replacement character. If you don't provide any it will use _ by default.

    • replacer : function(key: string, replacementCharacter: string): string

    If you want you can provide your own function to replace unsupported characters, meaning all time when you will want to save/get/remove items from the store this function will be executed.

    You won't have to use functions below if using only for redux-persist storage, in that case redux will call these when needed

    store.setItem(key: string, value: string): Promise<void>

    Saves the given value to store under the provided key.

    Returns a Promise wich will reject in case of errors. If you want to save object, or any type of data you will have to convert them to strings, and after reading them do the reversed actions.

    Like using JSON.stringify and JSON.parse for objects.

    getItem(key: string): Promise<string | null>

    Retrieves the value saved under the provided key.

    Returns a Promise which will resolve with the saved value or null, or will reject in case of errors.

    store.removeItem(key: string): Promise<void>

    Deletes the value saved under the provided key.

    Returns a Promise wich will reject in case of errors.


    Inspired by redux-persist-expo-securestore which saved data with Expo's SecureStore, that will be limited to 2KB per entry from SDK 35.


    npm i @neverdull-agency/expo-unlimited-secure-store

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