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    Snowpack Vue 2 Plugin

    This is a snowpack plugin for Vue v2.X, based off of the official Vue v3 plugin, @snowpack/plugin-vue. The primary goal of this plugin is to provide an 'adapter' layer for @vue/component-compiler-utils and vue-template-compiler to reuse as much of the official snowpack vue plugin as possible. With that goal in mind, this repo is set up with /plugin corresponding to a copy of the /plugins/plugin-vue code, so that should there ever be interest in making snowpack work with Vue2, the effort to port my changes to the vue plugin is minimal.

    Why Vue 2?

    Currently, even https://vuejs.org/ points to the v2.x documentation. It's not that Vue 3 is bad, by any means. It will eventually, take over as the leading version of Vue. The problem is, most libraries haven't updated yet, including a lot of the popular front-end frameworks. They won't have alpha versions for several more months, and probably won't have production versions till year's end. And those are just the popular, large projects. As a developer of dozens of Vue sites, I doubt I'll have my projects converted for at least a year, if not two.

    I don't know about you, but I don't see why I should have to wait to start using Snowpack.


    Simply install the plugin:


    $ npm install -D @morgul/snowpack-plugin-vue2


    $ yarn add -D @morgul/snowpack-plugin-vue2

    Then, add it to your snowpack.config.js:

    // snowpack.config.json
      "plugins": [


    This plugin is definitely me scratching my own itch. And I haven't even decided if I like snowpack yet. But there's a need, and while there's about three or four vue2 plugins... none of them worked when I tried. So, here's a more formal engineered solution.

    Vue Library choice

    Digging through the source code to vue-loader, I came upon @vue/component-compiler-utils, which appears to have been created after @vue/compiler-sfc, with the same API, as a way of centralizing the code for doing all of this. I agree that something like @vue/compiler-sfc is required, but that's Vue 3 only, so I'm glad they backported that design to Vue2. It makes my life significantly easier.

    Note: As more development has happened, it's become clear that @vue/component-compiler-utils doesn't do everything that @vue/compiler-sfc, instead relying on vue-loader to do some of it. That's fine, we can slowly intriduce vue-loader code as needed to handle these edge cases.

    Project Guidelines

    These are the guidelines for working on this project.

    Project layout

    The bulk of this project's code lives in /compiler. The /plugin is a verbatim copy of @snowpack/plugin-vue, with as few changes as possible. (Even the original package.json is kept around.) There is also a sample project contained in /example, to act as both a test for the plugin, and a usage guide.


    npm i @morgul/snowpack-plugin-vue2

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