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    Docs Markdown Editor is a rich web editor with markdown editing and WYSIWYG functionality to be plugged in to multiple authoring sites including Docs, Q&A, Renewal Asessments, and Self Assessments. The editor itself is built on top of the Stack Overflow Stacks Editor. This repos purpose is to build a rich editing experience without the overhead of docs-ui and create a light weight development experience for developing editors that will be plugged into the authoring sites above.

    Getting Started

    1. Requires node. LTS or current are fine, just make sure you have 15.x.x or higher. Use node --version to check your installed version. Alternatively, install the Node Version Manager (NVM) for Windows, and run the following command to use Node 15: nvm use 15.7.0.
    2. Get started by running the command npm install to install the required node modules.
    3. Run the program using npm run start
    4. Navigate to the URL route based on what mode you will be developing with.
      • There are 4 modes:
        • Docs: /docs
        • Q&A: /qna
        • Self Assessments: /self-assessments
        • Renewal Assessments: /renewal-assessments
    5. The routes will be as follows: localhost:1234/docs or localhost:1234/renewal-assessments for example.


    To test run npm run test command to run the tests. NOTE: tests are to be created and will be implemented in the comming days.


    Production builds can be created via the build command npm run build The dist/index.js contain the contents of the package.


    Information that might help with working on any part of Docs can be found in the Contributor Guide. If you can't find what you're looking in there, try asking for help in Teams. If something should be added to the Contributor Guide, submit a PR!


    npm i @microsoft/docs-markdown-editor

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