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    Spectra npm package github license

    Document conversion for scientific documents.


    npm install -g @mathpix/spectra
    spectra set-api-key ...


    Sign up at https://accounts.mathpix.com and setup an API to get your OCR API key.

    Once you copy the API key you can set it as an environment variable MATHPIX_OCR_API_KEY:

    export MATHPIX_OCR_API_KEY=...

    Or save it permanently in the spectra config file:

    spectra set-api-key ...
    # This will save the key in a file at
    # ~/.spectra/config on Linux, macOS, or Unix
    # C:\Users\USERNAME\.spectra\config on Windows

    To digitize PDF's to editable Mathpix Markdown, docx, html or tex.zip:

    spectra convert input-file.pdf output-file.mmd
    spectra convert input-file.pdf output-file.docx
    spectra convert input-file.pdf output-file.tex
    spectra convert input-file.pdf output-file.html

    You can also compile Markdown files without using Mathpix OCR:

    spectra convert input-file.mmd output-file.docx
    spectra convert input-file.mmd output-file.tex
    spectra convert input-file.mmd output-file.html
    spectra convert input-file.mmd output-file.pdf
    spectra convert input-file.mmd output-file.pdf --pdf-method html

    To view mmd files rendered into html on a local server:

    spectra serve ./input-dir
    spectra serve ./input-dir/example.mmd

    To build a directory of mmd files into a static html site:

    spectra build ./input-dir ./output-dir

    The cli has built in --help that will show all commands and flags:

    $ spectra --help
    Usage: spectra command [options] [args]
    Document conversion for scientific documents
      -V, --version                                     output the version number
      -h, --help                                        display help for command
      build [options] [source] [destination]            build a static html site from a directory of markdown or mathpix markdown
      convert [options] <source.ext> <destination.ext>  convert files between markdown, mathpix markdown, docx, latex and pdf formats
      serve [options] <source>                          serve markdown or mathpix markdown rendered at html
      set-api-key [options] <mathpix_ocr_api_key>       save Mathpix OCR API key at ~/.spectra/credentials
      help [command]                                    display help for command


    npm i @mathpix/spectra

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