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Brought to you by Maintained Repos

NPM version

Original repo found at https://github.com/dancormier/react-native-swipeout. This fork is brought to you by @maintained-repos.


iOS-style swipeout buttons that appear from behind a component

swipeout preview


npm install --save @maintained-repos/react-native-swipeout

Usage example

See example/index.ios.js for a more detailed example. See the Wiki usage tips. To use swipeout behind a iOS-style listitem, try react-native-listitem.

var Swipeout = require('react-native-swipeout')

// Buttons
var swipeoutBtns = [
    text: 'Button'

// Swipeout component
<Swipeout right={swipeoutBtns}>
    <Text>Swipe me left</Text>


Prop Type Optional Default Description
autoClose bool Yes false auto close on button press
backgroundColor string Yes '#dbddde'
close bool Yes close swipeout
left array Yes [] swipeout buttons on left
onOpen func Yes
right array Yes [] swipeout buttons on right
scroll func Yes prevent parent scroll
style style Yes style of the container
sensitivity number Yes 0 change the sensitivity of gesture
Button props
Prop Type Optional Default Description
backgroundColor string Yes '#b6bec0' background color
color string Yes '#ffffff' text color
component string Yes null pass custom component to button
onPress func Yes null function executed onPress
text string Yes 'Click Me' text
type string Yes 'default' default, primary, secondary
underlayColor string Yes null button underlay color on press
disabled bool Yes false disable button

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npm i @maintained-repos/react-native-swipeout

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