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    JMeter template

    Want to generate JMeter test plans based on your AsyncAPI file?

    This template is for generating a JMeter test plans for your application based on the AsyncAPI document to enable easier performance testing of your applications.

    It generates a single .jmx file for your application, at the moment it only generates very basic test plan.


    How to use

    ag --output ./out ./AsyncAPI.yml @lagoni/jmeter-template

    See the generator for more options for the CLI.

    The output is a single JMeter test plan file .jmx which can be opened in JMeter or merged depending on your use-case.

    Supported protocols

    Contribution guidelines

    Any contributions are welcome more then welcome, got an idea how to do something differently, new feature, found a bug, etc. let us know!

    The repository includes Visual studio code run scripts for you to debug the template on the fly. See ./.vscode/launch.json and the example AsyncAPI documents to test with are located in ./.vscode/protocols/*.json. If you add a new protocol please provide an example AsyncAPI document there.

    When you want to introduce changes

    1. Pick or create an issue.
      • It's always a good idea to leave a message saying that you're going to work on it before you start any actual work.
    2. Fork the repository and work there.
    3. Before opening a Pull Request ensure:
      • That npm run lint does not fail
      • That npm run test does not fail
    4. Open a Pull Request pointing to the master branch.
    5. A maintainer will review your code as soon as possible.


    npm i @lagoni/jmeter-template

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