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    Google Sheets Provider

    Create a provider to consume data from Google Sheets inside Insights for ArcGIS


    Insights for ArcGIS can connect to any data source using the provider patter. This project includes an example Koop provider compatiable with Insights for ArcGIS. Javascript is used to create an express web server, which includes web service that knows how to communicate with Google Sheets.


    • NodeJS



    git clone https://github.com/ArcGIS/google-sheets-provider.git cd google-sheets-provider npm install


    1. Obtain an API Key for Google Sheets - instructions
    2. Add the api key to you configuration
    • option 1: edit config/production.json and replace the value under googlesheets.auth with your api key
    • option 2: before running your server add your auth to your environment e.g. export GOOGLESHEETS_AUTH=YOUR_KEY


    npm start

    After npm start you should see something like this:

    > node server.js
    info: registered output: Geoservices 1.1.1
    No root directory was specified, defaulting to:  /Users/foobar/koop/providers/google-sheets
    info: registered filesystem: localfs 1.1.1
    info: registered provider: googlesheets 1.0.0
    Koop Trimet Provider listening on 3000
    For more docs visit: https://koopjs.github.io/docs/specs/provider/
    To find providers visit: https://www.npmjs.com/search?q=koop+provider
    Try it out in your browswer: http://localhost:3000/googlesheets/1JlPaiuIHXmkfpLBaQdoRixPSasjX5NlDte70pyFT9yI/Park%20Cleanup!A1:H/FeatureServer/0/query
    Or on the command line: curl --silent http://localhost:3000/googlesheets/1JlPaiuIHXmkfpLBaQdoRixPSasjX5NlDte70pyFT9yI/Park%20Cleanup!A1:H/FeatureServer/0/query?returnCountOnly=true
    Press control + c to exit


    You have 3 deployment options.

    Option 1 - This is a good option if you do not have Portal for ArcGIS staged in a place for development.

    • Create an NOW account, which enables free hosting of SSL NodeJS services
    • Download and install NOW
    • From inside the google-sheets-provider run now in your terminal
    • You will end up with this provider being hosted in NOWs free cloud

    Option 2 - Arrage to have NodeJS installed on your 10.5+ Portal for ArcGIS machine

    • Make sure port 3000 is open and NodeJS is installed
    • Copy files to your machine with Portal for ArcGIS
    • Follow the instructions above

    Option 3 - Access a web access machine and deploy the project files

    • Make sure port 3000 is open and NodeJS is installed
    • Copy files to the web accessable machine
    • Follow the instructions above

    Getting Started

    Once the Google Sheets provider is running, read below on how to bring this content into portal.

    Add Provider to Portal for ArcGIS

    • Log into portal as a publisher or admin
    • Click My Content -> Add Item -> From the web
    • Complete the form as follows:

    Type: ArcGIS Server Web Service

    Url: https://googlesheets-provider-hkrquwqwvp.now.sh/googlesheets/1JlPaiuIHXmkfpLBaQdoRixPSasjX5NlDte70pyFT9yI/Park%20Cleanup!A1:H/FeatureServer/0

    Title: Google Sheets

    Tags: Park Cleanup, Insights, Provider

    Add Provider to Insights

    • Log into Insights for ArcGIS
    • Click New Workbook
    • Browse for Google Sheets and select
    • Click Add

    Other Useful Information

    If you do not have the flexibility to deploy the project to a development environment, feel free to try out the sample below.

    https://googlesheets-provider-hkrquwqwvp.now.sh/googlesheets/1JlPaiuIHXmkfpLBaQdoRixPSasjX5NlDte70pyFT9yI/Park Cleanup!A1:H/FeatureServer/0


    npm i @koopjs/provider-google-fusion-tables

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