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    For a more stable, "official" binding between Redux and React Router, try redux-simple-router

    redux-simple-router is a much more straightfoward way to sync your Redux store with React Router. This project works, too, but it's more experimental, and could be subject to significant API churn and experimentation. Please choose accordingly.

    Redux bindings for React Router.

    • Keep your router state inside your Redux Store.
    • Interact with the Router with the same API you use to interact with the rest of your app state.
    • Completely interoperable with existing React Router API. <Link />, router.transitionTo(), etc. still work.
    • Serialize and deserialize router state.
    • Works with time travel feature of Redux Devtools!
    npm install --save redux-router@1.0.0-beta5


    React Router is a fantastic routing library, but one downside is that it abstracts away a very crucial piece of application state — the current route! This abstraction is super useful for route matching and rendering, but the API for interacting with the router to 1) trigger transitions and 2) react to state changes within the component lifecycle leaves something to be desired.

    It turns out we already solved these problems with Flux (and Redux): We use action creators to trigger state changes, and we use higher-order components to subscribe to state changes.

    This library allows you to keep your router state inside your Redux store. So getting the current pathname, query, and params is as easy as selecting any other part of your application state.


    import React from 'react';
    import { combineReducers, applyMiddleware, compose, createStore } from 'redux';
    import { Provider } from 'react-redux';
    import { reduxReactRouter, routerStateReducer, ReduxRouter } from 'redux-router';
    import { createHistory } from 'history';
    import { Route } from 'react-router';
    // Configure routes like normal
    const routes = (
      <Route path="/" component={App}>
        <Route path="parent" component={Parent}>
          <Route path="child" component={Child} />
          <Route path="child/:id" component={Child} />
    // Configure reducer to store state at state.router
    // You can store it elsewhere by specifying a custom `routerStateSelector`
    // in the store enhancer below
    const reducer = combineReducers({
      router: routerStateReducer,
      //app: rootReducer, //you can combine all your other reducers under a single namespace like so
    // Compose reduxReactRouter with other store enhancers
    const store = compose(
      applyMiddleware(m1, m2, m3),
    // Elsewhere, in a component module...
    import { connect } from 'react-redux';
    import { pushState } from 'redux-router';
      // Use a selector to subscribe to state
      state => ({ q: state.router.location.query.q }),
      // Use an action creator for navigation
      { pushState }

    Works with Redux Devtools (and other external state changes)

    redux-router will notice if the router state in your Redux store changes from an external source other than the router itself — e.g. the Redux Devtools — and trigger a transition accordingly!


    reduxReactRouter({ routes, createHistory, routerStateSelector })

    A Redux store enhancer that adds router state to the store.

    routerStateReducer(state, action)

    A reducer that keeps track of Router state.


    A component that renders a React Router app using router state from a Redux store.

    pushState(state, pathname, query)

    An action creator for history.pushState().

    replaceState(state, pathname, query)

    An action creator for history.replaceState().

    Handling authentication via a higher order component

    @joshgeller threw together a good example on how to handle user authentication via a higher order component. Check out joshgeller/react-redux-jwt-auth-example

    Bonus: Reacting to state changes with redux-rx

    This library pairs well with redux-rx to trigger route transitions in response to state changes. Here's a simple example of redirecting to a new page after a successful login:

    const LoginPage = createConnector(props$, state$, dispatch$, () => {
      const actionCreators$ = bindActionCreators(actionCreators, dispatch$);
      const pushState$ = actionCreators$.map(ac => ac.pushState);
      // Detect logins
      const didLogin$ = state$
        .distinctUntilChanged(state => state.loggedIn)
        .filter(state => state.loggedIn);
      // Redirect on login!
      const redirect$ = didLogin$
          // Use query parameter as redirect path
          (state, pushState) => () => pushState(null, state.router.query.redirect || '/')
        .do(go => go());
      return combineLatest(
        props$, actionCreators$, redirect$,
        (props, actionCreators) => ({

    A more complete example is forthcoming.


    npm i @koba04/redux-router

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