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    Replace absolute paths to relative paths after typescript compilation (tsc) during compile-time.

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    Comparison to tsconfig-paths

    + Compile time (no runtime dependencies)

    Getting Started

    First, install tscpaths as devDependency using npm or yarn.

    npm install --save-dev tscpaths
    # or
    yarn add -D tscpaths

    Add it to your build scripts in package.json

    "scripts": {
      "build": "tsc --project tsconfig.json && tscpaths -p tsconfig.json -s ./src -o ./out",


    flag description
    -p --project project configuration file (tsconfig.json)
    -s --src source code root directory
    -o --out output directory of transpiled code (tsc --outDir)

    You need to provide -s (--src) and -o (--out), because it's hard to predict source and output paths based on tsconfig.json.

    I've tried a little and failed. :(

    tsc does some magic to determine source and output paths and I haven't dived too deep to mimic it.

    For now, it's simpler to provide the paths manually.

    If you know how, Pull Requests are welcome!

    Disclaimer !!!!!

    This is not a mature project yet.

    It works for my setup so far.

    It may not work correctly if your setup is too complicated, so please do some testing before pushing it to production!!!


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