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    📝 @javier.alejandro.castro/react-mde

    A simple yet powerful and extensible React Markdown Editor. React-mde has no 3rd party dependencies.


    yarn add @javier.alejandro.castro/react-mde

    Markdown Preview

    React-mde is agnostic regarding how to preview Markdown. The examples will use Showdown

    yarn add showdown

    It is also possible to return a Promise to React Element from generateMarkdownPreview, which makes it possible to use ReactMarkdown as a preview.


    React-mde is a completely controlled component.

    import React, { useState } from 'react';
    import ReactMde from '@javier.alejandro.castro/react-mde';
    import * as Showdown from 'showdown';
    const converter = new Showdown.Converter({
      tables: true,
      simplifiedAutoLink: true,
      strikethrough: true,
      tasklists: true,
    const App = () => {
      const [value, setValue] = useState('**Hello world!!!**');
      const [selectedTab, setSelectedTab] = useState('write');
      return (
        <div className="container">
            generateMarkdownPreview={(markdown) =>
    export default App;

    Customizing Icons

    React-mde comes with SVG icons extracted from FontAwesome.

    You can customize the way icons are resolved by passing your own getIcon that will return a ReactNode given a command name.

      getIcon={(commandName) => <MyCustomIcon name={commandName} />}
      // ...

    React-mde Props

    The types are described below

    • value: string: The Markdown value.
    • selectedTab: "write" | "preview": The currently selected tab.
    • isMaximized: boolean: The current maximized state; defaults to false.
    • onChange: (value: string): Event handler for the onChange event.
    • onTabChange: (tab) => void: Function called when the selected tab changes.
    • onMaximizedChange: (isMaximized: boolean) => void: Function called when maximized state changes: allow the component user to customize surrounding CSS for allowing to expand to full screen editing.
    • commands?: Record<string, Command>: An object with string properties representing keys, and a Command object as value for each key. These are custom commands. Commands are explained in more details below.
    • toolbarCommands?: ToolbarGroups: Array of ToolbarGroup, indicating which commands should be displayed. Each outer array is a named group. Example: [{name: 'style' , items: ["bold", "italic"]}, {name: 'lists' , items: ["unordered", "ordered"]}]
    • generateMarkdownPreview: (markdown: string) => Promise<string | ReactElement>;: Function that should return a Promise to the generated HTML or a React element for the preview. If this prop is falsy, then no preview is going to be generated.
    • getIcon?: (commandName: string) => React.ReactNode } An optional set of button content options, including an iconProvider to allow custom icon rendering. options.
    • loadingPreview: What to display in the preview while it is loading. Value can be string, React Element or anything React can render.
    • readOnly?: boolean: Flag to render the editor in read-only mode.
    • minHeight?: number: Minimum height for textarea while in write.
    • disablePreview?: boolean: Flag to disable built-in preview, when you need to handle it outside the component.
    • disableMaximize?: boolean: Flag to disable (hide) maximize button.
    • l18n?: A localization option. It contains the strings write, preview,uploadingImage and pasteDropSelect.
    • loadSuggestions?: (text: string, triggeredBy: string) => Promise<Suggestion[]>: Function to load mention suggestions based on the given text and triggeredBy (character that triggered the suggestions). The result should be an array of {preview: React.ReactNode, value: string}. The preview is what is going to be displayed in the suggestions box. The value is what is going to be inserted in the textarea on click or enter.
    • suggestionTriggerCharacters (string[]): Characters that will trigger mention suggestions to be loaded. This property is useless without loadSuggestions.
    • childProps?: Object: An object containing props to be passed to writeButton, previewButton, commandButtons and textArea.

    XSS concerns

    React-mde does not automatically sanitize the HTML preview. If your using Showdown, this has been taken from their documentation:

    Cross-side scripting is a well known technique to gain access to private information of the users of a website. The attacker injects spurious HTML content (a script) on the web page which will read the user’s cookies and do something bad with it (like steal credentials). As a countermeasure, you should filter any suspicious content coming from user input. Showdown doesn’t include an XSS filter, so you must provide your own. But be careful in how you do it…

    You might want to take a look at showdown-xss-filter.

    It is also possible to return a Promise to a React Element from generateMarkdownPreview, which makes it possible to use ReactMarkdown as a preview. ReactMarkdown has built-in XSS protection.


    React-mde is MIT licensed.


    This started as a fork of https://github.com/andrerpena/react-mde to enable additional features


    npm i @javier.alejandro.castro/react-mde

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