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    The device-pre-post-check-execution artifact demonstrates an end-to-end usage of the MOP-app and Workflow in Itential Automation Platform (IAP).

    workflow shot

    This artifact allows users to run the workflow in either Simulated or Real-Time mode.

    For Simulated mode, this workflow doesn't have any prerequisites, and all responses are hard-coded in the flow. In order to run this artifact in real-time mode, a Cisco-IOS device is needed on-boarded on either Cisco-NSO or Ansible.

    How to install

    In order to install this artifact, please use the App-Artifact (Available for Itential customers via Nexus repo)

    How to run

    After installing (via App-Artifacts) click the start button on the artifact card, or navigate to workflow builder and press the play button next to the MOP demo workflow.

    Once started, the workflow will present the user with a question to either run in simulated or real-time mode:

    simulated question

    In simulated mode, this artifact works out of the box without any other dependencies. All device responses that are presented to the user are from a recorded session that were hard coded:

    Pre Checks Results
    Diff Results

    In the real-time mode, the artifact will ask the user to pick a live device from their inventory of NSO or Ansible devices, it will then execute the commands on the selected device:

    Device Picker


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