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This artifact contains the Cisco IOS device upgrade workflow for NSO and Ansible using IAP. The workflow requires that a newer binary version file is already downloaded locally on the destination device (bootflash:), and file integrity has been verified (using md5). To satisfy these pre-requirements, use the free file-transfer artifact available from Itential.

  • IOS Upgrade Workflow

This solution consist of the following:

  • Main Workflow (IAP-Artifacts IOS Device Upgrade)

    • Perform device environmental checks. Verifies a device is on a different version than the requested one.
    • Perform pre-checks to confirm device readiness.
    • Backup the running-config locally on bootflash drive.
    • Perform boot statement configuration to direct the router to load the newer version upon the next boot.
    • Issue the reload command.
    • Wait for device to become available after reboot.
    • Confirm reliable connectivity (ping consistency).
    • Perform post-checks to verify the device functionality running the new version.
    • Show a Pre-Post Checks diff report.
    • Perform MOP analysis to verify no unexpected config changes occurred.
    • Show a MOP analysis report.
    • Perform rollback, if requested.
  • Command Templates

    • Will run the pre / post commands, and evaluate them against set thresholds.
  • Analytic Templates

    • Will run the pre vs. post comparisons, and evaluate them against set thresholds.
  • Automation Catalog Entry with a JSON-Form:

    • Mode selection: Zero-Touch, Normal, or Verbose
    • Allows user to pick destination device to run the upgrade on.
    • Allows user to pick software version to upgrade to (file names are hard-coded in JSON form).
    • Ping-consistency variables


  • Automatically find device orchestrator Ansible or NSO.
  • Perform readiness checks prior to any change, and functionality verifications after changes have been applied.
  • Allow for a rollback in case functionality checks have failed.
  • Show a conclusive report with the Pre vs. Post diff.

Supported Device Types

  • Cisco IOS

Test Environment

  • NSO Ver.:
  • NEDs Ver.:
    • cisco-ios: 7.1.1
    • itential-tools: 1.23.9-2019.2.0
  • Devices Ver.:
    • ios: 16.03.07
  • IAP Ver. 2019.3.1
  • Ansible Manager Ver.: 2.36.3-2019.3.8
  • Ansible Ver.: 2.8.3


Starting an IOS-XR device upgrade can be invoked via Automation-Catalog. Navigate to the Automation-Catalog app and press run on the IAP Artifacts IOS Device Upgrade entry

How to Install

  • To install this artifact in IAP, use App-Artifact available in Nexus repo.


npm i @itentialopensource/cisco-ios-upgrade

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