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    IDEA Ionic extra ≫ Common

    Core components and services used everywhere in IDEA's apps.

    Package on NPM.

    To install

    npm i --save @idea-ionic/common

    Be sure to install all the requested peer dependencies.

    Then, add this imports into the global.scss file, after the import on the top of the page:

    @import '../node_modules/@idea-ionic/common/css/global.scss';

    To make sure the translations are loaded into the project:

    • in the project's assets/configs/idea-config.js file, add the string 'common' to the array window.IDEA_IONIC_MODULES;
    • copy the i18n/common folder (you can filter the languages you need) of the module in the project's assets/i18n folder.

    Finally, add the according configuration (if needed) in the assets/configs/idea-config.js:

    window.IDEA_PROJECT: string;
    window.IDEA_APP_VERSION: string;
    window.IDEA_API_URL: string;
    window.IDEA_API_VERSION: string;
    window.IDEA_API_IDEA_URL: string;
    window.IDEA_API_IDEA_VERSION: string;
    window.IDEA_SOCKET_API_URL: string;
    window.IDEA_SOCKET_API_VERSION: string;
    window.IDEA_AWS_COGNITO_WEB_CLIENT_ID: string;


    • Action Sheet
    • Address
    • Announcements
    • Checker
    • Colors picker
    • Contacts
    • Custom fields (block, sections, fields)
    • DateTime picker
    • Duration
    • Echo
    • Email (configure & send)
    • Icons (Ionicons)
    • Labeler
    • List
    • Markdown Editor (MDE)
    • Offline (delta)
    • PDF Template
    • Select
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Signature
    • Time interval
    • Translations


    • AWSAPI service
    • AWSAPI socket service
    • (browser's) Cached resources service
    • DataWedge-compatible devices' reader service (barcode)
    • Error reporting service
    • Loading service
    • Message service
    • Push notifications service
    • Tin can service
    • Translation service
    • Variables highlight (pipe)


    npm i @idea-ionic/common

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