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    This project gives the user the ability to instantiate a new project based on humblebee-frontend anywhere (globally) on their system.

    The project creates a "base" on your computer which will serve the raw files that get instantiated.


    • Node (includes NPM and NPX) version 10.9.0 or later
    • Yarn version 1.9.4 or later
    • Maybe: Make sure you are logged in to NPM in your Command Line Interface (CLI) by running npm login first; otherwise you may not be able to fetch the package


    • Clone/download the repository from Bitbucket
    • Navigate to the repository folder
    • Run yarn setup to install the Starter, which should become accessible through the terminal/shell via humblebee [projectType] [projectName]
    • Restart the terminal/CLI/IDE before attempting to run the starter


    • Create a frontend or backend project with humblebee [fe|frontend|be|backend] [projectName]

    Creating a new project

    • Start your Command Line Interface (CLI), such as Terminal or iTerm, or even Sublime/VS Code... as those contain a built-in terminal
    • Run humblebee [fe] [be] projectname where projectname is whatever you want the project to be called
    • In your current working directory, you should now see a new folder with your specified name
    • Navigate into the new project directory and have fun

    The name you specify will also be set inside of the package.json for that project.

    Front-end specific

    Make sure, however, to update manifest.webmanifest, index.html and other client-facing locations to have the pertinent, correct information for your project.


    • Try restarting your terminal, CLI or IDE.
    • Because all the files that get created are really just copied from a base location, make sure that you didn't forget to install the dependencies (run yarn).
    • Make sure you haven't erased the humblebee-starter project or moved it since running the yarn setup command, since this is where the installation will grab files from.

    Possible coming features

    • Flags and options? (commander package?)
    • Guided CLI? (prompts package?)
    • Update boilerplate? (something like humblebee update?)
    • If above, new syntax for creating project (humblebee new NAME) or even something other than humblebee?




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