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    This repo makes it convenient to start a serverless cloud function. We are assuming this to be a Cloud Function on Google Cloud Platform, but could be on any cloud provider supported by Serverless Framework.

    Installation and setup

    Stuff in the root won't need to be installed, unless you want to run Serverless to set anything up. Otherwise, for deploying to GCP, do the following:

    • Go to the server folder
    • Install dependencies with npm install
    • Go to the Google Cloud console and set up a project using the Humblebee cloud account
    • Enable the Cloud Functions API in the IAM panel to the left
    • Go to the Firebase console and set up a project or link to the correct project created in the previous step
    • Adjust /.firebaserc to point to that project
    • Go to Google and get a keyfile, place it in the server folder
    • Point the config object in server/index.js to the keyfile
    • Deploy with npm run deploy.

    Note: Use NPM in the server folder if deploying to Google!

    Yarn will cause errors on GCP if used. Therefore, make sure to add dependencies and running scripts in the server folder by using NPM.




    npm i @humblebee/humblebee-serverless

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