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    PM2 module to listen webhooks from github, bitbucket, gitlab, jenkins and droneci. When a webhook is received you can run a script, pull your project, restart pm2, etc.

    This project is highly inspired by vmarchaud/pm2-githook.

    Features (changelog):

    • Runs an http server listening for webhooks
    • Works on any repository system, as for now it does nothing with the payload received. In the near future I will check the branch or the action, the secret, etc.
    • Only runs the command you set
    • Run the command in the cwd defined for the app

    Wanted features, to be done during Mach/2017:

    • Check payload for secret, check common headers on main git repositories (github, bitbucket, gitlab, etc) to know if is a valid call

    Possible features, as I need to think about it:

    • Auto-restart pm2 app after a successful command run
    • Make an automatic git pull on the folder, and make a prePull and postPull available commands (same approach as vmarchaud/pm2-githook)


    To install it simply run:

    $ pm2 install pm2-hooks

    Warning: This library currently (2017 feb 26) is in ALPHA state. This means some things:

    • You can help me a lot making a comment/issue/PR
    • I will try to publish the last version to npm so you can install it with only pm2 install pm2-hooks. If for some reason the version on npm is outdated you always will be capable of run pm2 install desaroger/pm2-hooks to be sure to install the last version directly from the repository.


    Step 1: Prepare the ecosystem file

    By default pm2-hooks doesn't do anything. You need to set the key env_hook inside the config of a given app, inside the ecosystem file.

    If env_hook isn't defined or is falsy then is disabled.

    Example of an ecosystem file:

        apps: [
                name: 'api-1',
                script: 'server.js'
                name: 'api-2',
                script: 'server.js',
                env_hook: {
                    command: 'git pull && npm i && npm test && pm2 restart api-2',
                    cwd: '/home/desaroger'

    Where api-1 has hook disabled and api-2 is enabled and when the hook is called, the command is executed.

    Available options:

    • command {string} The line you want to execute. Will be executed with NodeJS spawn. (optional, but if not set this is not going to do nothing ¯\(ツ)/¯)
    • cwd {string} The cwd to use when running the command. If not set, the one used on your ecosystem app configuration will be used (if set).
    • commandOptions {object} The object that we will pass to the NodeJS spawn. Defaults to a blank object, and later we add the cwd.
    • type {string} [not implemented yet] The git server you are going to use [github, gitlab, bitbucket, etc].

    Step 2: Install

    If you didn't install before, install it. If you installed it, then you will need to restart it. For that, run pm2 restart pm2-hooks.

    Step 3: Try it

    Now you have a server on port 9000 by default. You can make a call to http://localhost:9000/api-2 to see the response.

    If everything went fine, you will see:

        status: 'success',
        message: 'Route "api-2" was found'
        code: 0

    And the command had been executed.

    Step 4: See the log

    Everything will be logged in the pm2 logs. For see them, run:

    $ pm2 logs pm2-hooks

    And for see the entire log:

    $ cat ~/.pm2/logs/pm2-hooks-out-0.log


    How I can change the port?

    You can set the port (where the default port is 9000) setting it in the config of the pm2 module. For doing that, run:

    $ pm2 set pm2-hooks:port 3000

    How I can uninstall it?

    You can uninstall this module running:

    $ pm2 uninstall pm2-hooks

    Another similar projects

    These are some projects I found similar to mine. Please let me know if you know anoher.

    • vmarchaud/pm2-githook: From where I was inspired. It works on any repository, pulls the repo when webhook is called and has preHook and postHook commands available.
    • oowl/pm2-webhook: Works on any repository. If you want to use the secret, then the webhook must contain the X-Hub-Signature in order to work (I don't know if every git server contains it).

    Copyright and license

    Copyright 2017 Roger Fos Soler

    Licensed under the MIT License.



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