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    This project is the CLI used to generate Terragrunt specifications for GCP infrastructure.

    The CLI groups resource-specific generators into commands.

    • init -- Initialize repositories for infrastructure
    • resources -- Create GCP resources

    The normal workflow is to run init once in a repository and then use the resources to add GCP resources required by the developed services.

    See the tf-infra-gcp clan resources documentation for a in-depth description of the contents this CLI is able to generate.


    Download the CLI using NPM.

    $ npm install --global @hiiretail/gcp-infra-cli

    If run without the arguments, the help will be displayed.

    $ gcp-infra --help

    See detail documentation for all supported commands in DOCUMENTATION.md.

    Changelog of key features is available in CHANGELOG.md


    Development tools needed are:

    • Latest Node 12 LTS release
    • Docker
    • Pre-commit

    Pre-commit hooks

    Developers should use pre-commit on this repository to validate file formatting and commit messages on every commit. After pre-commit has been installed on your system, activate on the repository.

    $ pre-commit install -t pre-commit -t commit-msg

    Get started

    After cloning the repository, install the dependencies.

    $ npm install

    To run the CLI binary, link the project:

    $ npm link

    This will symlink the binary, making it possible to run like this:

    $ gcp-infra


    npm i @hiiretail/gcp-infra-cli

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