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    AngularX Dropdown Multiselect for Bootstrap CSS

    Works with Angular Final and AOT compilation

    Customizable dropdown multiselect in AngularX, TypeScript with bootstrap css.

    See demo: http://softsimon.github.io/angular-2-dropdown-multiselect


    • Bootstrap CSS 3 or 4
    • Font Awesome (optional)

    Quick start options

    • Download the latest release.
    • Clone the repo: git clone https://github.com/softsimon/angular-2-dropdown-multiselect.git.
    • Install with Bower: bower install angular-2-dropdown-multiselect --save.
    • Install with npm: npm install angular-2-dropdown-multiselect --save.


    Import MultiselectDropdown into your @NgModule.

    import { MultiselectDropdownModule } from 'angular-2-dropdown-multiselect';
      // ...
      imports: [
      // ...

    Define options in your consuming component:

    import { IMultiSelectOption } from 'angular-2-dropdown-multiselect';
    export class MyClass implements OnInit {
        optionsModel: number[];
        myOptions: IMultiSelectOption[];
        ngOnInit() {
            this.myOptions = [
                { id: 1, name: 'Option 1' },
                { id: 2, name: 'Option 2' },
        onChange() {

    In your template, use the component directive:

    <ss-multiselect-dropdown [options]="myOptions" [(ngModel)]="optionsModel" (ngModelChange)="onChange($event)"></ss-multiselect-dropdown>


    Import the IMultiSelectOption and IMultiSelectTexts interfaces to enable/override settings and text strings:

    // Default selection
    optionsModel: number[] = [1, 2];
    // Settings configuration
    mySettings: IMultiSelectSettings = {
        enableSearch: true,
        checkedStyle: 'fontawesome',
        buttonClasses: 'btn btn-default btn-block',
        dynamicTitleMaxItems: 3,
        displayAllSelectedText: true
    // Text configuration
    myTexts: IMultiSelectTexts = {
        checkAll: 'Select all',
        uncheckAll: 'Unselect all',
        checked: 'item selected',
        checkedPlural: 'items selected',
        searchPlaceholder: 'Find',
        defaultTitle: 'Select',
        allSelected: 'All selected',
    // Labels / Parents
    myOptions: IMultiSelectOption[] = [
        { id: 1, name: 'Car brands', isLabel: true },
        { id: 2, name: 'Volvo', parentId: 1 },
        { id: 3, name: 'Honda', parentId: 1 },
        { id: 4, name: 'BMW', parentId: 1 },
        { id: 5, name: 'Colors', isLabel: true },
        { id: 6, name: 'Blue', parentId: 5 },
        { id: 7, name: 'Red', parentId: 5 },
        { id: 8, name: 'White', parentId: 5 }
    <ss-multiselect-dropdown [options]="myOptions" [texts]="myTexts" [settings]="mySettings" [(ngModel)]="optionsModel"></ss-multiselect-dropdown>


    Setting Description Default Value
    pullRight Float the dropdown to the right false
    enableSearch Enable searching the dropdown items false
    checkedStyle Style of checked items one of 'checkboxes', 'glyphicon' or 'fontawesome' 'checkboxes'
    buttonClasses CSS classes to apply to the trigger button 'btn btn-default'
    itemClasses CSS classes to apply to items ''
    containerClasses CSS classes to apply to container div 'dropdown-inline'
    selectionLimit Maximum number of items that may be selected (0 = no limit) 0
    autoUnselect Unselect the previous selection(s) once selectionLimit is reached false
    closeOnSelect If enabled, dropdown will be closed after selection false
    showCheckAll Display the checkAll item to select all options false
    showUncheckAll Display the uncheckAll item to unselect all options false
    fixedTitle Use the default title (do not apply the dynamic title) false
    dynamicTitleMaxItems The maximum number of options to display in the dynamic title 3
    maxHeight The maximum height for the dropdown (including unit) '300px'
    displayAllSelectedText Display the allSelected text when all options are selected false
    searchRenderLimit If enableSearch=true and total amount of items more then searchRenderLimit (0 - No limit) then render items only when user typed more then or equal searchRenderAfter charachters 0
    searchRenderAfter Amount of characters to trigger rendering of items 1
    searchMaxLimit If more than zero will render only first N options in search results 0
    searchMaxRenderedItems Used with searchMaxLimit to further limit rendering for optimization. Should be less than searchMaxLimit to take effect 0
    displayAllSelectedText Display the allSelected text when all options are selected false
    closeOnClickOutside Close dropdown when clicked outside true


    Text Item Description Default Value
    checkAll The text for the "check all" option 'Check all'
    uncheckAll The text for the "uncheck all" option 'Uncheck all'
    checked Text for "checked" with single item selected (used in dynamic title) 'checked'
    checkedPlural Text for "checked" with multiple items selected (used in dynamic title) 'checked'
    searchPlaceholder Text initially displayed in search input 'Search...'
    defaultTitle Title displayed in button before selection 'Select'
    allSelected Text displayed when all items are selected (must be enabled in options) 'All selected'
    saerchEmptyResult Text displayed when no items are rendered 'Nothing found...'
    searchNoRenderText Text displayed when items rendering disabled by the searchRenderLimit option 'Type in search box to see results...'

    Other examples

    Single select

    Although this dropdown is designed for multiple selections, a common request is to only allow a single selection without requiring the user to unselect their previous selection each time. This can be accomplished by setting selectionLimit to 1 and autoUnselect to true.

      selectionLimit: 1,
      autoUnselect: true,

    Use model driven forms with ReactiveFormsModule:

    import { IMultiSelectOption } from 'angular-2-dropdown-multiselect';
    export class MyClass implements OnInit {
        model: number[];
        myOptions: IMultiSelectOption[] = [
            { id: 1, name: 'Option 1' },
            { id: 2, name: 'Option 2' },
        ngOnInit() {
            this.myForm = this.formBuilder.group({
                optionsModel: [1, 2], // Default model
                .subscribe((selectedOptions) => {
                    // changes
    <form [formGroup]="myForm">
        <ss-multiselect-dropdown [options]="myOptions" formControlName="optionsModel"></ss-multiselect-dropdown>


    Pull requests are welcome!




    npm i @gund/angular-dropdown-multiselect

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