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    callout provides an engine to run call out flows on the web pages

    Main aspects:

    • uses @gullerya/spotlight for the visual spotlighting and @gullerya/tooltip for the textual/content hints
    • simple single API recieves an Array of entries, each one having the target element and it's description, and runs the flow
    • no HTML touches needed for integration, yet it is responsibility of the hosting application to collect and order the elements to call out over

    Support matrix: CHROME61+ | FIREFOX60+ | EDGE16+

    Last versions (full changelog is here)

    • 1.1.1

      • implemented Issue #3 - in RTL pages the management strip layout remains the same
      • implemented Issue #4 - shadow of the spotlight is darker now
      • implemented Issue #5 - template, document-fragment and plain text are all handled correctly and verified
      • implemented Issue #6 - entry definition supports order and shape; callout will perform the correct ordering, while all unordered entries will be pushed to the end
    • 1.0.0

      • implemented Issue #1 - support for a keyboard navigation
      • implemented Issue #2 - added hint for which slide of how many the user is located on
    • 0.1.0

      • initial take



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