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    DutchX Price Oracle

    Contract to get an onchain reliable price from DutchX protocol.

    The oracle exposes a simple function that will return the price for any ERC20 traded on the DutchX (See implementation).

    function getPrice(address token)
            returns (uint num, uint den)

    This function will return a fraction (num/den), using the following logic:

    • 0/0:
      • If the token it's not listed in DutchX
      • If the token it's not whitelisted in the DutchX
      • If there's not enough liquidity. Basically, it requires that there should be auctions running continuosly in the DutchX. More formally, it will return 0/0 if there is less than 9 auctions in the last 4.5 days.
    • num/den: Median of the last 9 auctions. In other words, if we order the last 9 auctions by price, we take the 5th value.

    In the following example, we get the price for RDN (0x255Aa6DF07540Cb5d3d297f0D0D4D84cb52bc8e6):

    It provides also a parametrized function, to allow to change the behaviour of the price oracle (See implementation):

    function getPriceCustom(
            address token,
            uint time,
            bool requireWhitelisted,
            uint maximumTimePeriod,
            uint numberOfAuctions
            returns (uint num, uint den)

    Note: the contract is only safe for odd numbers of auctions. See here.

    The next image shows an example, on how to get the price using:

    • RDN Token: token = 0x255Aa6DF07540Cb5d3d297f0D0D4D84cb52bc8e6
    • Check the current price: time = 0
    • Return only prices for whitelisted tokens: requireWhitelisted = true
    • Return only a price if the auctions runned within the last 1.5 days: maximumTimePeriod = 1296000
    • Use 3 auctions to get the median: numberOfAuctions = 3

    Deployed price oracle



    Local development

    # Install dependencies 
    yarn install
    # Compile contracts and inject network info 
    yarn restore
    # Print the network info for every contract 
    yarn networks

    Migrate contracts

    For a local ganache:

    # Run ganache 
    npx ganache-cli
    # Migrate 
    yarn migrate

    For other networks:

    # Rinkeby 
    PK=<private_key> yarn migrate --network rinkeby
    # Mainnet 
    PK=<private_key> yarn migrate --network mainnet

    Create a new version

    # Generate version and tag it 
    npm version <new-version-number>
    # Publish version into git 
    git push && git push --tags
    # Publish version into npm 
    npm publish --access=public

    Validate the contract

    # Flatten contract 
    npx truffle-flattener contracts/DutchXPriceOracle.sol > build/DutchXPriceOracle-EtherScan.sol
    npx truffle-flattener contracts/WhitelistPriceOracle.sol > build/WhitelistPriceOracle-EtherScan.sol

    Validate the contract:


    Tests use a mock contract to imitate the behavior of the DutchX. We generate 50 auctions with random prices and clearing times, and then test each contract fn on that model.

    The recommended ways to run the tests is:

    npx truffle test


    npx truffle test --log (to get console logs)

    Have fun!


    npm i @gnosis.pm/dx-price-oracle

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