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Unofficial custom material components for Angular

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The Angular team builds and maintains both common UI components and tools to help you build your own custom components. The team maintains several npm packages.

This is a non-official custom material components for Angular. My goal for this project is to serve as a basis for you to build your own Custom Angular Material Components. All Material classes and tagnames have been maintained, so you can still use the official components documentation.

Package Description Docs
@angular/cdk Library that helps you author custom UI components with common interaction patterns Docs
@angular/material Material Design UI components for Angular applications Docs

Quick links

Documentation, demos, and guides | Frequently Asked Questions | Community Google group | Contributing | StackBlitz Template

Getting started

See our Getting Started Guide if you're building your first project with Angular Material.

To add the Custom Material Design to your project you need to clone this repository on the project folder and then import a custom component into a module.


import { MatButtonModule } from 'src/assets/src/material/button';

Now you are ready to go!


If you'd like to contribute, please follow our contributing guidelines. Please see our help wanted label for a list of issues with good opportunities for contribution.

Browser and screen reader support

The Custom Angular Components team supports the most recent two versions of all major browsers: Chrome (including Android), Firefox, Safari (including iOS), and IE11 / Edge.

We aim for great user experience with the following screen readers:

  • Windows: NVDA and JAWS with IE11 / FF / Chrome.
  • macOS: VoiceOver with Safari / Chrome.
  • iOS: VoiceOver with Safari
  • Android: Android Accessibility Suite (formerly TalkBack) with Chrome.
  • Chrome OS: ChromeVox with Chrome.


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