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cqmd: A markdown preprocessor for cq code blocks npm package

cqmd is a CLI tool markdown preprocessor that parses cq query blocks and replaces them with "regular" markdown code blocks.

Advanced Users Note

If you want fine-grained control over how the markdown is parsed, you may want to use remark-cq instead


$ npm install --global @fullstackio/cqmd


$ cqmd --path <path/to/code/basepath> <input-markdown-file>

# or

$ cat file | cqmd --path <path>


# process a single file to stdout
cqmd --path code manuscript/chapters/forms.md

# process a single file to an output file
cqmd --path code --output forms-out.md manuscript/chapters/forms.md

# process a single file, adjusting paths, to the preview directory
cqmd --path manuscript --imgPath ../manuscript/ --output preview/ manuscript/chapters/forms.md

# watch a glob of files
cqmd --path manuscript --adjustPath ../manuscript/ --output preview/ --watchGlob 'manuscript/chapters/*.md'

Markdown Format

To use cqmd you write a normal markdown file but instead of using indented code blocks you use the following syntax:


For example, say we have a file examples/basics.js with the following code:

// examples/basics.js
const bye = function() {
  return "bye";
bye(); // -> 'bye'
let Farm = () => "cow";

In our markdown file we could include the code block by using the following markdown:

// document.md

And here is how we say goodbye:


Isn't that neat?

Notice that none of the values are quoted. You do not quote your crop-query. If you use quotes then you are searching for a string.

Now we can process document.md like so:

$ cqmd --path . document.md

Which emits:

// document.md

And here is how we say goodbye:

const bye = function() {
  return 'bye';

Isn't that neat?

You can see the full list of possible queries in the cq manual.

Using Remark Extensions

To use a remark extension, pass the remarkExtensions option like this:

./src/cli.js --remarkExtensions="remark-frontmatter,remark-yaml-config"  examples/frontmatter.md

Library Usage

var cqmd = require("@fullstackio/cqmd").default;
cqmd(input, { path: __dirname }).then(function(results) {

But, this library is just a thin wrapper to provide a CLI tool. If you're using this as a library you may want to use remark-cq instead

If you'd like to create a custom formatting function, use the format key in the options.


Please feel free to submit pull requests.


Originally written by Nate Murray.






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