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What am I looking at? 🤔

This repository is our monorepo holding all our NPM packages.
This folder holds @freesewing/mui-theme

A Material-UI theme for FreeSewing web UIs

Getting the theme

After installing @freesewing/mui-theme, import it:

import createTheme from "@freesewing/mui-theme";

The default export (createTheme in our example above) is a method that calls createMuiTheme under the hood. It takes a single argument, the theme name:

object createTheme(string themeName = "light")

If the name you pass it is dark you'll get the dark theme. Anything else, and you'll get the light theme.

Using the theme

To use this theme, you need to pass it as the theme prop to muiThemeProvider:

<MuiThemeProvider theme={createTheme(true)}>
  // ... your app here

See the Material-UI docs on themes for more details.

About FreeSewing 💀

Where the world of makers and developers collide, that's where you'll find FreeSewing.

Our core library is a batteries-included toolbox for parametric design of sewing patterns. It's a modular system (check our list of plugins and getting started is as simple as:

npm init freesewing-pattern

The getting started section on freesewing.dev is a good entrypoint to our documentation, but you'll find a lot more there, including our API reference, as well as our turorial, and howtos.

If you're a maker, checkout freesewing.org where you can generate our sewing patterns adapted to your measurements.

Support FreeSewing: Become a patron 🥰

FreeSewing is an open source project run by a community, and financially supported by our patrons.

If you feel what we do is worthwhile, you too should become a patron.

Links 👩‍💻

License: MIT 🤓

© Joost De Cock.
See the license file for details.

Where to get help 🤯

Our chatroom on Gitter is the best place to ask questions, share your feedback, or just hang out.

If you want to report a problem, please create an issue.


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